Have you met Ruger the Pit Bull Ambassabull yet?

January 13, 2014  


By Stephanie Coomer

In the fall of 2012 our family had chosen out of many adoptable dogs to adopt an Am Staff from a local rescue. He was an adult dog with his CGC and was well suited to be a therapy dog and ambassador for his breed (like I wanted), and NOT a puppy, which was what we also wanted. Sadly, he foster failed and we were unable to adopt him. That very same week a rescue group I work with out of Ohio had a litter of 5 week old puppies surrendered to them by a back yard breeder. Most all of these puppies were immediately fostered or adopted except for the only boy, who had very a temporary foster. I saw his photo and immediately fell in love with his face!


We had no idea being pulled from his Mom so early what kind of behavioral issues he would have, what kind of temperament. I had been wanting a therapy dog to work with PTSD veterans, because my husband suffered from PTSD severely himself after coming home from Iraq and exiting the Marines. I also wanted a dog who could do very well in large crowds, at events and in public in general to be an ambassador for bully breeds and help change minds.

Well, we knew early on Ruger was special. He learned things very quickly, and retained them. He was also very intuitive. At 5 months old he attended his first public event and was amazing, no one could believe it was his first event. I knew then maybe he was that dog we’d been looking for! He continued to attend events and at 9 months old he passed his Canine Good Citizens at a huge event in Indianapolis.

I have had him evaluated by people who train and own therapy dogs and they all tell me how he is so well suited for it.  Sometimes, they just pick you. In July of this year I founded Project Bully, an organization geared towards making a better name for bully breed dogs, promoting shelter adoption, teaching people how to be responsible owners & more.  He has been an ambassador with us since day one. We have a kissing booth and he is the main kisser. He was even featured on the front page of a local paper in August after an event in a very anti-bully community!


Ruger is now over a year old and  ready to test for his therapy certification. No one believes how young he is at events because he acts like a seasoned veteran. He is gentle, loving, understanding, and has never met a dog he didn’t like. He helps ease nervous and anxious dogs, and seems to bring out the best in just about everyone.

I am grateful everyday to be his mom, and cannot believe how amazing this little orphan puppy has been. He truly is a gift.

You can connect with Ruger on Facebook here.


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4 Responses to “Have you met Ruger the Pit Bull Ambassabull yet?”
  1. Stephanie says:

    I am so proud of my little man! He is growing into quite the breed ambassador! Thank you all for supporting and loving him. I am so honored to have him chose me. <3

  2. kelly says:

    Yay! That made me cry. Lol I’m just so proud of him. I want a kiss one day! Xo

  3. Walter says:

    What an awesome story Stephanie! There should be more people like you in this world who care so much about how these special dogs are viewed by others, despite what the media portrays them as.

  4. AL says:

    Adorable! I developed PTSD 4 years ago after an abusive relationship. I didn’t leave the house for months, couldn’t sleep, I was terrified of everything and didn’t trust a single soul. I came across a dog on the street, a 1 year old pit bull. He followed me for a few blocks and when I approached him with some water he collapsed on the ground knowing that he was finally safe. Funnily enough I named him Ruger. I still have a long way to go but I know that without Ruger I wouldn’t have made it at all. He is the smartest, most loyal and loving dog. It is great to hear a similar story.