Say Hello to these Pocket-Sized Sisters!

December 19, 2013  


By Brooke Bourgeois, Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter

On the morning of September 3rd, staff arrived to the shelter to find that 2 pit mixes had been thrown over the shelter’s fence during the late night hours on the previous night.

Both girls were skin and bones, covered in fleas, and the smaller girl, Twiggy, was laying on her side on the gravel driveway, unable to even pick up her head from being so weak. She literally looked like a corpse.

Employees rushed to their aid, began the tedious task of getting all of the fleas off of them, and the shelter vet immediately examined them and placed them on a high calorie meal plan. The condition of these poor girls resulted in a less than favorable prognosis but we gave them a chance and hoped for the best. Twiggy was so malnourished that her eyesight was bad, she was unable to stand, and she was skeletal.  Penelope’s entire rib cage and spine protruded through her once brindled coat and she could not walk without falling over from being so fatigued and underweight.

Additionally, both girls were fearful, unsocialized, and completely worn out and depressed.

We were brokenhearted. But we wanted to give them everything we could to keep them alive. And so we did.

Over the next couple of weeks, the girls began to gain weight and staff took both of them under their wings and brought them up to the clerical area, where they were sure to receive tons of human contact.

Day by day, the girls shed their fearful shells, then began to walk, then gallop, then play. Twiggy became a permanent front office fixture, nestling her tiny little body in boxes. She was lovingly given the nickname “gargoyle” as she seemed to always be positioned like one, her little head always hung so lowly.

After one month, their transformations were remarkable. Penelope had reached her full body weight and her coat was starting to radiate. Her demeanor is so engaging that she actually prefers the company of humans now. She is playful, affectionate, trusting, and so good to her sister, Twiggy.

Twiggy is reaching her full body weight but will always be compact enough to hold. Her coat is no longer dull, her face has filled out, she runs and plays, and she is a bundle of mischief and energy! We are working with Twiggy on her manners now as she is all puppy despite being 1.5 years old.

Shockingly, both girls are heartworm negative, housebroken, and kennel trained. They both love other dogs and attach themselves to humans as if they have been raised as companion dogs.

We have enjoyed every moment of caring for these girls as they define the true meaning of survival. Both were on the brink of death and today, both have prospered and transformed into healthy, vibrant, and totally well rounded cutie pies.

They possess confidence, eagerness, and their trust in the human race has been restored so much that they long to be part of a family. They love everything new; toys, noises, and both have the most precious way of communicating exactly what they want! These days, Twiggy demands to sit in the chair of one of our clerks, Ms. Ellie, and will whimper to get up and sit with her!

We adore these girls so much and our mission is to find them loving homes where they will continue to develop their personalities and never be abused, neglected, and abandoned again.

Penelope and Twiggy are both approximately 1.5 years old and both have been evaluated and have passed their temperament tests.

These beauties have been with us 3.5 months now and would love a home for the holidays.

They are available to be fostered or adopted and can be met at 1869 Ames Blvd., Marrero, LA 70072. Or email Brooke at for more info.



Kennel #s WO-9-3-01, 02

Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter – West Bank

“Penelope &Twiggy” – 1.5 year old Pitbull mixes


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4 Responses to “Say Hello to these Pocket-Sized Sisters!”
  1. Karen Anderson says:

    What a great story and transformation!

  2. Connie says:

    Thank you for your wonderful work and saving these beautiful girls–good luck in your quest for great homes.

  3. Gayle Rucker Manale says:

    Everyone is so proud of you, Brooke.