Mazzy: Another Victim of BDL

December 19, 2013  

Mazzy 1

Mazzy is a sweet pit bull terrier like dog adopted by an American military family three years ago.  Earlier this year, Mazzy’s family had to move to New Llano, Louisiana so her dad could complete his last two years of his military career.  Mazzy’s dad, Victor, has honorably served this country for the last 18 years of his life, including 7 deployments.  Mazzy has been there for her mom, Christina, through those tough times while Victor is on duty.  As most dogs adopted from shelters, no one really knew exactly what breed or breeds Mazzy might be, and no one cared.  She’s a good dog, and that’s what matters.

Mazzy’s family knew that she wouldn’t be allowed on the military base because of breed restrictions (see here for more information on military base breed restrictions), so they found off-base housing.  After moving in, they were notified that Mazzy was not welcome.  The town of New Llano had just passed a breed discriminatory law.  A few days after moving in, town officials were at their door to “inspect” Mazzy.  Luckily, Mazzy was outside of town and safe at this time, but her family agreed to a DNA test, which confirmed that Mazzy was 50% American Staffordshire Terrier.

Christina was able to gather the support of local rescues and dog owners affected by this discriminatory law and took their voices to the town council meeting.  Unfortunately, only a handful were allowed to speak and according to Christina, were treated rudely by the Council.  The Council has communicated to Christina that they are unwilling to discuss the ban or add it to a future agenda.

Christina is staying strong and is ready to fight this discriminatory law.  “I know it is going to be a long and difficult process, but I also know that I didn’t rescue my dog only to throw her away. I know she isn’t a monster. I owe it to her to fight the misinformation about her breed. In the end, Mazzy has rescued me by giving me a dream to see this through.”

You can follow Mazzy’s journey on Facebook and help contribute to legal costs by donating here.

Mazzy Support

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2 Responses to “Mazzy: Another Victim of BDL”
  1. Debra Allen says:

    Have you contacted the Lexus Project? They help families with situations like this!

  2. Robbie Brunette says:

    We will be foster parents for your dog til you come get him. We have a big fenced in yard and 10 acres of land for him to run and play. We have owned pits before and love them very much. If you need our help e-mail us. Please have Mazzy’s parents e-mail us if interested.