Your Pit Pup: Shoring Up Your Dog’s Image

October 8, 2013  

By Amanda Richter


Besides being faithful companions and our best friends, pit bulls excel as service dogs, therapy dogs and search and rescue dogs. And as close members of the family, with the holidays approaching, it’s the perfect time to set up a photographic keepsake of your pit bull.

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Have you considered a holiday photo session? Many pet parents do this with their canine family member. With the right inspiration, dog guardians can photograph their dog with the right effect. Here are some tips:

1. Crouch down to your dog’s level – Get down to your dog’s level of eyesight. You can capture a dog’s personality while looking right at the animal. It also helps the image look true to life size. A picture from above makes the dog look tiny in comparison. Try using a zoom lens so you’re not staring up your puppy’s nostrils.

2. Set the holiday scene – For a holiday setting, think of placing your pooch in a scene that captures the flavor of the holiday. Drape trimmings, sprinkle some fake snow and give your dog a pine tree branch to chew. For more ideas, click over to the Minted Christmas card site for creative settings.

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3. Find your dog’s key personality trait – Does your canine friend snort in a funny way? How does his tongue look with certain behaviors? Capturing your dog’s personality takes a bit of behavior study, but with a little luck and practice, you should be able to find the key elements that sets Rover apart from other dogs. Or, if your dog has a special relationship with your kids, incorporate them in the photo.

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4. Use costumes or props – Some families have fun with their pets with costumes or fun props. Try a leather jacket, maybe a funny hoodie or a cute t-shirt. Getting it on your dog will depend on your dog’s photo enthusiasm. If your dog likes to dress up (some do!) go all out with frilly dresses, pink wigs or other silly decoration ideas. For Christmas, try to get a Santa hat or elf costume on your pup. Try a red outer garment, hang a wreath around your dog’s neck and top him off with a cap. Pulling this off could be the most fun you and your dog have had in ages.

5. Use photo effects – When shooting images, whether it’s by you or a professional photographer, think outside the reality of the natural setting. Think about using photographic effects. Some of these might be built into your photo device, or simply alter the setting itself. Bring more lights into the room where you are photographing your dog. Or use colored lights to bring about different effects of your puppy pal’s photo.

Using these tips and techniques on your beloved pet can help to ensure some fun and great photos over the holidays.

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