How Do Your Dogs Keep Cool In Summer?

June 14, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

Since summer is almost here, we asked our Facebook fans to share with us some of the safe water activities they enjoy with their dogs – “Do you keep cool by playing in a kiddie pool in the backyard, or do you go all out and play catch at the lake?

Fetch at the beach, sprinklers, kiddie pools, and even showers are some of the ways your dogs keep cool and have fun when it’s hot outside. (And for those who don’t like the water, ice cream seems to be an acceptable substitute.) Thanks everyone for sharing, and have a safe and enjoyable summer!

We go to a dog friendly beach in the Keys early am so the dogs can enjoy the beach to themselves. ~ Adelaine Espino

My dog Maui jumps in the shower. ~ Ashley Dutchak

Playing with sticks by the water – they are work dogs, can use weights too. ~ Brandner Darcey

The kiddie pool, our neighbors’ pool when they aren’t home, and we hike beside mountain streams or creeks and take the occasional dip. ~ Alex Baliles

We enjoy the gated off-leash dog park that has a filtered shallow pond! It’s truly amazing. It’s a member’s only park (fee-based) but it’s 20 acres (broken into 5 sections) and they temperament test all of the dogs. We let our membership lapse a few years ago due to the economy, but I’m thinking it’s going to be a necessity this summer! ~ Becky Britz

Kiddie pools and sprinklers. Harley Quinn is scared of water that is any deeper than 4 inches. Shy can swim, but is old and tires easily so I try to keep her in kiddie pools rather than ponds now. ~ Kellie Crider

My dogs get ice cream, they don’t like water at all, so I buy them vanilla Frosties or feed them popsicles. ~ Sara Lynn Yankowski

Our puppy Nola has a sprinkler that the balls shoot out of handed down from when my son was little. She stays cool while playing, she loves water. ~ Lillian Alexandrov

My dog insists on showering with me. ~ Crystal Ann Cox

My pit bull hates deep water. We play by the lake and she runs through shallow beach water. ~ June Goebel

I had a Lodge just outside of Algonquin Park, Canada; dogs had a ball in the crystal clear water. I sold it when Ontario banned pit bulls. I miss that place, and so do my dogs. ~ Steve En

We have deck jets that make an arc of water flow out of the concrete and into the pool. Ray likes to try to catch the water as it comes out. ~ Debra Lockhart

Kong fetch in the bay. ~ Susan Bulkley

Swimming in the pool and the occasional use of sprinklers…Macy lovesto chase the water coming from the sprinkler. ~ Susan L Latham

Both my girls love their baby pool; they play in it when they can’t get interested that big pool. ChiChi loves chasing her tennis ball in the big pool; she is part fish I think. ~ Kathy Casaday

We love to go swimming, great exercise for our four legged children without getting over heated. Also, I like to take her favorite toys put them in a bowl, fill with water and freeze. Fun, refreshing and entertaining! ~ Ryan Janna Ivey Pennington

Our dog lives to swim. We take her to the creek when we can and fill up her baby pool for her to splash around in. At the end of the summer, our local pool has a doggy swim, which is pretty much heaven on earth for Nina. ~ Laura Nalven

Mine have a plastic baby pool in the back yard and a water bowl inside and out. When it gets to be really hot we just don’t stay outside for extended periods. ~ Angel Howell

Mine are afraid of water. ~ Annie Zarzosa

Mine were afraid of the water here at the house (kiddie pool and bathtub) but I would walk them along the shore at the lake and eventually they worked it all out on their own terms. Now they are down for just about anything at the lake… the kiddie pool still looks too much like a bath though. ~ Robert J Stulken

We like to run through the sprinkler together, she will only do it if I do it! Kiddy pool, which of course she drinks more water out of then actually lays in, and her weekly hated shampoo! ~ Tamela Callahan

We like to hang out at a lake…swim, wade in the water, and take long walks! ~ Katie Francis

Going boating and swimming at the lakes in Phoenix, Arizona. ~ Welovesocalbuzz Sanderson

Your dogs have contacted me via mental telepathy and told me to tell you that they need a stand up paddle board asap. Ha-ha… ok, maybe not, but I got a hunch they would have a blast with it. ~ Robert J Stulken

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