How Do You Prepare For Storm Season?

June 7, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

The summer storm season is officially here, and so we asked our Facebook friends “What are some of the steps you take to prepare your family and pets during a storm?”

Making sure your pets are microchipped, keeping a copy of up-to-date vet records (paper and digital), stocking extra food and medication, performing readiness drills, and putting everything in ziplock bags and ready to go at a moment’s notice are some of the ways we keep our family prepared for emergencies. Thanks everyone for sharing, and stay safe!

All pets have QRtags ( and are microchipped! ~ Christine Hardy

Making sure my pet’s microchip info is up to date, back up food and water for home at all times along with a list of medication. I seal that along with my contact info in a small Ziploc bag and tape it to his collar in emergencies in case we get separated. ~ Glen Nico Kramer

Ditto what Glen Nico Kramer said plus emergency evacuation route and emergency shelter plans that include pets. ~ Amy MacReilly

Stocked up on canned food and dry in Ziplocs, vet records in convenient place to grab them on the way out (also zip locked), prescriptions up to date and stocked, and a safe place to escape to in case of evacuation. ~ Amanda Harris

Stay home with my rescued pit bull Pierre, just like I did when Superstorm Sandy hit, two blocks from the Barnegate Bay. ~ Susan Bulkley

Come hurricane or holocaust, our biweekly readiness drills keep us prepared for any scenario that presents itself. ~ Robert J Stulken

Flooding is a big issue in my town, so we make sure to keep our pit bull in tip top shape in case we have to carry him through water. No way would I let my baby wade through dirty street water. Plus he gets to sleep in bed with us if it gets really loud from wind/thunder. ~ Morgan S. Gertler

Supply and evacuation kits that include: flashlights, batteries, food/water, vet records, pictures, contact list, medications/first aid supplies, crates; etc., and plans on where to go. Stay aware of weather forecasts, remain calm, but proactive. Make sure shots and microchip info is up to date before the need arises. ~ Zeus Paradis

Have food, water, vet records and kennels ready. We also have a list of dog friendly hotels. If the hurricane looks like it is coming this way, we are out of here! ~ Lauret Lawrence

We have an emergency shelter that accepts pets in place. Never abandon your animal!!! ~ Breezy Peace-Love

Have vet records digitized in case paper records are destroyed. Also, have backup phone number in case land line or cell towers are down in the event your pet goes missing. Lastly, if your pet does go missing, be sure to report a description to the local animal services office. ~ Positively Simple Dog Training

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