June 6, 2013  

Rescue Dog of the Week

Meet Heidi!

Heidi is a young adult female pit bull, about a year old. With her beautiful blue brindle coloring, she is a true show-stopper! Heidi, being a young adult, is past all the house training fun, so you can get right to enjoying your new family member in that regard. She also has crate training experience and her foster reports that she is a joy to walk on leash, even in the face of off-leash dogs and dogs barking from their yards and other similar stimuli one might encounter on a walk.

Heidi currently lives with a family with two other dogs and young children and is great in both arenas! Heidi is super tolerant of the little boys she lives with and would be a great candidate for a true family dog. She is also a quintessential “Velcro dog,” desiring little more than to be close to her people, and excels as a cuddle buddy.

Heidi’s foster mom reports her to be medium energy, and she can really get going if it’s play time, but also just loves attention and snuggles and will even stop mid-play to get some human affection.

So far, Heidi hasn’t met any dogs she doesn’t like, so a good fit for her would be a person or family who can continue her great level of socialization with other dogs. It would be ideal to find an adopter with an active lifestyle to both take advantage of her dog social nature and hopefully aid in her remaining this dog social long-term.

Heidi is a total catch, and it would be great to see her find her forever family soon. In the meantime, she’ll be enjoying doggie playtime and holding down the couch.

Heidi is being fostered in the Twin Cities/Minneapolis-St. Paul area. For more information about adopting, visit Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue or visit us on Facebook. To learn more about Heidi, email adopt@mnpitbull.com.

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