Father’s Day 2013!

June 18, 2013  

Congratulations to our photo contest winners!

We are still in awe of just how many amazing photos were submitted for the Father’s Day Photo Contest. Thank you all, again and again, for your generosity in sharing your pups with us. Remember – even though the contest is over, you can still send pictures for inclusion in the album. Let’s keep the love (and the naps) going, all year ’round!

First place: Asia and Anthony Trotta

I am a volunteer at Eleventh Hour Rescue in Randolph, NJ. I met Asia at the kennel. I saw her and saw that she was very depressed in her run. I decided to take her for a walk. One walk turned into hundreds. I fell for her and 6 months later I convinced my landlord to let me foster her. While fostering on Christmas Eve I became very ill with a stomach virus, I kept running to the bathroom to vomit, while I was vomiting I felt a warmth by my legs. Asia followed me and laid next to me until I was feeling better. That is when I decided my life wouldn’t be complete without her, so I adopted her. She is everything to me and I will take care of her until her last breath.

Second place: Chino and Ricardo Pimentel

This is my dog, Chino Pimentel. I run Tierra de Animales, a shelter in Cancun. He was rescued in Mexico City by the sister of one of the vets who helps the dogs of our shelter there. Once he was feeling better, he bit the vet; maybe he was still afraid of people. They were going to put him down, but the woman who rescued him called the vet while I was there and he asked me if I would take him. I said yes, and they sent him to Cancun. Since the day we met each other we became best friends; we do everything together, we sleep together, we work together, go to the beach, everywhere. This guy is my family, my friend, my guardian, my best friend, and my sidekick. Now Chino is super social and loves people, children, cats, pigs, and of course he gets along not only with the more than 200 dogs that live at the shelter, but with every dog. He even has a job now – he comes with me to the schools to educate children about the problem of animal cruelty and overpopulation, and he loves his job! He also has his own Facebook page.

Third place: Blu and Rob Rasu

Rob Raso is my boyfriend, and this is a photo of him and his best friend Blu. Rob is a vet tech and rescued Blu from being PTS the day before while he was working at a local rescue. As a puppy Blu was surrendered to the rescue because had swallowed a sock, and wasn’t passing it. The surgery was too costly for the former owner and rescue, so Rob took Blu home, thinking that he deserved to experience a home before he was PTS. That day, Blu passed the sock, and he knew he was safe. Blu is now 5 years old, very active, loves long walks, going to work with Dad, and hiking with myself & my dog Jez. Jez is very reactive and it has been Blu and Rob who have brought her out of her shell, spending countless hours BAT training with us, as well as long parallel leash walks, and Blu never acknowledging her reactivity. Blu has been a rock through his ailments, removal of a kidney, and to whatever ridiculous fun we have with them. Like shown in the picture here; taking our children to the park, just like normal parents, right?! Blu is currently my project therapy dog, because simply put, you will never meet a dog that is more friendly, more patient, and more than willing to curl up on a complete stranger’s lap, and that is all because of Rob. These two are exactly what it means to be best friends. (Photo submitted by Kara Montalbano)

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