Dogs at Play

June 19, 2013  

Sailor staying cool!

I work as a Veterinary Technician on a mobile spay & neuter clinic (basically a large RV that has been gutted and turned into a full surgical suite). We travel around West Michigan, doing as many as 60 surgeries in a day, for low-cost! We offer an amazing service to the people and pets of our surrounding communities. A former co-worker of mine ran a pit bull rescue, and after a female pitty in her care had given birth to a large litter of pups, she was in dire need of fosters. Living in an upstairs apartment downtown, I was apprehensive to help at first, but eventually gave in…and after the first few hours at home with 8 week old Sailor, I knew he was mine! In the past two years he has given me more laughter, joy, and unconditional love than I ever imagined a dog could. He is the light of my life! ~ Stefanie Stuewe

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