Do You Bring Your Dog To Work?

June 21, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day, so we asked our Facebook friends, “How many of you will be bringing your pooch into the office?” As it turns out, lots of you bring your dogs into work whenever you can, or are lucky enough to work from home. (And boo to companies without pet-friendly policies!) Thanks everyone for sharing, and enjoy the day with your dogs!

Here is my dog Atilla and I doing some serious work. We have 7 dogs and usually a foster or two and find it is not only enjoyable for my employees and I to have them around acting goofy, but it is an awesome way to bond with and socialize a foster dog. Many have come through here and before they go to their new homes we try take a picture with them and the staff to wish them off. Oh, and yes, that’s his own chair. ~ Alex Baliles

I’m lucky enough to get to bring mine to work with me every day! ~ Wes Mathews

All my dogs come to work everyday. ~ Merlins Pitty Page

Mine come to work a lot. They love it. ~ Alyssa Crossposter Hughes

Mine is at work with me a lot.
 ~ Astrea Baldwin

As long as mine are in my lap, they’re happy. 
 ~ Angiepoo Davis Poppell

We bring all three of my babies to work everyday. They run the office and the plant. They have more people who love them and give them attention! ~ Jodi Kanfer Spaniak

I’m not allowed to bring my “furkids” to work. ~ Donna Chapman

I work from home so I get to spend every day with my babies. ~ Adriel Pruett

No dogs allowed where I work…but I doubt any of mine would want to sit quietly under my desk between “walkies.” Some workplaces are conducive; others not so much. ~ Liz Wickham

I’m very lucky I get to bring my boy to work with me every morning, since I run a doggy daycare! ~ Alexis Hickson

Ivy comes to work with me once a week. She loves our postman because he always brings her treats! ~ Kristen Carol

Luckily I’m a stay at home mom so my four dogs are with me a lot. ~ Holly Villegas-Gumbiner

Not allowed at my job…boo! ~ Rhonda Jordan

Our dogs come to work with us everyday. They are our work. ~ ColoRADogs

I work from home, so I am lucky enough to stay with my girls all day, every day. ~ Michele Slovinsky

I work at Three Dog Bakery and always take my dogs – a pit bull and a Rottweiler/boxer mix. They make great store dogs!!!
 ~ Pam Ryles Crihfield

Not allowed at my job. ~ Barbara S. Daniels

Don’t know too many places in Silicon Valley that would let you bring your dog to work unless it’s a service dog.
 ~ Lynette Fruen

Own the business. ~ 
Sheila Burns Schiff Gareffa 

When I work from home, I can have all my furry friends with me. When I visit students’ homes where I tutor, not so much. ~ Susan Midlarsky

My dog comes to work with me daily. Working on a great “settle” and crate training plus chew toys/Kongs is important to help reinforce the idea that work time is mostly a quiet time. Having a treat jar so coworkers on breaks feel welcome to occasionally run him through his gamut of tricks helps keep him mentally stimulated between walks, too. ~ Carolyn Pettigrew

I work from home – every day is take my dogs to work day!
 ~ Lu Mesco

I’ve been begging my boss all month to let me bring my girls in. She refuses. 
 ~ Michelle Gumprecht

This is Boomer in his Project Manager role. Boomer likes to help out while in the office. ~ Brigette Davy

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