Why Are You A Rockin’ Pit Bull Parent? (Part 1)

May 3, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

We celebrated National Pet Parents Day this week, and so we asked our Facebook friends to “Tell us one reason why you’re a ‘Pit Bull Parent’ that rocks!”

When it comes right down to it, we all know that pit bull parents rock 365 days a year! Thanks everyone for sharing, and we love you!

When everyone else left, my dog stayed. What more needs to be said? ~ Charles Brooks

Woohoo! I make my babies homemade dog food with lots of love from mama! My Rottweiler mix and pit bull love it! ~ Ashley West Saldaña

I am because my dog is family and we’ve raised a respectable “pitizen.” ~ David Ringgold Lardner

My two rescues have proven how pit bulls truly are. They are the kindest, most sensitive, intelligent, loving babies I have ever had own me. I cannot imagine one day of my life without those two in it. ~ Arika Brown

I am a pit bull parent that rocks simply because I wasn’t just adopted by a pit bull. I also rescue, rehabilitate, educate and fight for this breed! ~ Tara Jordan

I rescued my Hazelton from an abusive home during one of the hardest times of my life… But really, he’s the one that saved me. And now he’s the best big brother to my almost 8 month old son! ~ Samantha Carmen DeRico

Pit bulls are the best. They are loyal, smart and silly and…When you most need it, they give you that, “Yeah, I’m still here and I love you!” ~ Connie Pacillo

When Godzilla had to have his ACL repaired, we put our mattress on the floor so he could still sleep with us at night so he wouldn’t have to jump onto or off of the bed. Twice. He tore the second one almost exactly one year after the first leg. ~ Valerie Donahue

Simply put, Tommy stole my heart, and when an adopter was interested, I could not let him go. He was the perfect addition to our already foursome gang (making it a gang of five!). ~ Liliana Ruano

I’m the pit bull patent that rocks because I not only saved my Echo (pit bull) and Geronimo (blue heeler pit bull mix) but they are my world along with their Chihuahua brother and sister. They are changing opinions of every one they meet. Sweet gentle with kids and other dogs. Still able to protect me from undesirables that can show up in life. I am what my dogs see me as and I’m always trying to live up to their beliefs. ~ Maria Aurigema

My sweet pit bull saved my life by letting me adopt her. I am a pit-bull parent that rocks because I am honored to be my Lucy’s parent! ~ Nansi Schneider

I rescued my first pit bull, Ca$hy, two and a half years ago and my life changed in ways I never imagined. Since then we have changed minds about the breed, everyone that knows Ca$hy loves him. I continually collect items for animal rescues and shelters and hold fundraisers to raise funds for shelters and Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue in Eastern Pennsylvania. ~ Lisa Schier

Because I hug and kiss my baby every day and every night! I make sure his life is as comfortable as possible! ~ Stacy L Morris

When your human friends all abandon you, all you have left is your dogs. I keep working class ABPT’s as friends and partners. No my dog isn’t a rescue, he is purebred and papered, and I bought him from a breeder. However, we show off how amazing the APBT is in other ways. My APBT isn’t just a “pet” he’s a buddy, and a work partner. ~Sara Lynn Yankowski

Daisy was the reincarnation of my previous dog, Casey. How could we not be partnered?! I love her and she tolerates me! ~ Dee Dennis

I love my babies, they’re well mannered, loving and caring but, they do take up most of the bed… ~ Robin Brownell

As all animals show their character and have a special aura that can draw you in to them, it’s taken a pit bull to show me the kind of pit love that forgives honestly, pleases anxiously and guards indefinitely, my Keelas (yes I’ve had 2, one is a namesake) have shown a soul and that soul is in all pit bulls, so I love the soul of my pit bull, she is pure. ~ Pamela Smith

My dog mirrors my steadfastness for courage and love. ~ George Mitchler

My Clancy is the sweetest pit bull ever. She has a good parent! I spend a lot of time with her, playing and bike riding, and afterwards we go for a treat at Petsmart. We go on outings and I include her in my days off from work with my activities. She is a fun dog and I hope to have her in my life for many more years! ~ Tamela Callahan

I am a pit bull parent that rocks because when I was to foster a dog over Thanksgiving break to help our local Humane Society, I picked the pit bull mix and this was my first experience with pit bulls and even though we already had four dogs, she never went back! Changed our lives as much as hers! ~ Keri Lyn Powers

Because Miss Penny Lane is literally treated like our child in our household! She is spoiled and gets all the love she can handle! ~ Chanel Copeland

Have two rescued pit-babies. They are my life, my love, and my everything. ~ Jonna JoJo Hedengran

Because I educated myself first to make sure I was the right type of person for my two adorable kids. ~ Mekale Holmes

I rock as a pit bull parent because I take my girl on long hikes, keep her supplied with fresh bones and indestructible toys, smother her with kisses and ample belly rubs and always, always speak up for and defend her breed. ~ Trista Norton

I treat my four pit bulls better than my own kids (at least that’s what my kids tell me!) ~ Theresa Mergl

My son saved our blue pit bull, King. His previous owner had him chained and he could not even reach his food and water, he is a well trained house dog now and we love him! ~ Krystal Holder Cook

Because I sleep late just so I don’t wake up the dog. ~ E Jeanne Harnois

My Gage goes almost everywhere I go. He has his own room and futon! Ask me about him and I instantly smile and can’t stop bragging. ~ Amanda Theo MacArthur

Because this boy will never know meanness and cruelty again! He will only know love and kindness…the same thing he provides my household. ~ Hank Bird

I rescued my dog. She saves me every day. So together we spread education on responsible ownership and the joy of adoption. ~ Ariana Santos

My Uggi saved me and I saved him. I now have an image of him as a Dia de los Muertos puppy tattooed on the back of my neck, so I know he always has my back and I have his. ~ Yvette ViSuvius Fosco

I think each and every one of you rock. Much aloha to you all. ~ Amanda Jane Ware

My pit bulls are the best thing that happened to me! I love you Madousa and Candy! ~ Marc Andrews

First I educated myself, then I rescued one, then I fostered more, then I adopted more rescues, did more education for myself, kept fostering until it’s over 150 in the last 15 years. I became a pit bull advocate, started educating the public, keep educating myself, training my personal and foster dogs to CGC level. Two personal dogs are retired TDI dogs. To sum it all up I fell in love the breed and dedicated my life to Pit bull awareness, responsible ownership and public education. I’m a pit bull mommy, pit bull rescuer and advocate. ~ Elaine Swarts

My pit bulls are awesome, but the one in this photo (at right) is awesome because that’s my dog licking her Papa Sean! Sean, you and Lucky Girl have went viral! ~ Amber Whitley

Hey! That’s me!!! ~ Sean Gerkensmeyer

I got my pit bull when he was only 9 weeks old, I bottle fed him and took him everywhere. My son and I give him loves, hugs, toys, walks, kisses and a great nutritional diet too. He is my son. He was born on Valentine’s Day and is now my 13 year old “puppy” that carries around a blankie in his mouth. (True) I also kept his daughter and she is now 6 years old. We love them both more than words can say. They make us smile and laugh every day. ~ Cyndi McCammon

I am a pit bull parent that rocks because I rescued my Athena from the tree she was tied to and gave her a great place to live. She saves me from feeling sad and always makes me laugh. I can’t wait to have her therapy certified so she can show the world that pit bulls are family! ~ Kathrine Sweet

I’m a pit bull parent because I love dogs and I wanted to share my life with a dog. ~ Sarah Saylor

I live with three pit bulls and two pit bull mixes ranging in age from around 9 years to around 8 months. I don’t know if I rock as a pit bull mom (I hope I do an okay job) but I do know my dogs rock! They keep me relatively sane. ~ Sherri Sirott Millick

I exercise my two kids every day, even when I’m sick. Daily exercise keeps them happy and healthy! ~ Heather McClain Howell

I am a APBT parent because my rescued girl Sookie is the most maligned breed of dog on the Earth. I saved her and she has saved me. ~ Laurie Jimenez

I’ve had many dogs in the past from small to huge and I don’t think I have ever had a dog as loyal and goofy as the pit bull I have now. ~ Bryan Miller

My deaf pit bull is the most awesome, loving pooch in the world. Her exuberance each day and zest for life is a reflection of how much I rock!!! ~ Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes

Because I would never let anyone hurt my nanny dogs, we have never discouraged their sweet natures, they have changed many people’s perceptions. They are tucked in at night and we let them in our bed for cuddles in the morning … Need a bigger bed! ~ Serah Jennings

They get Froot Loops in their “special dinner.” They love Froot Loops! ~ Cristina Falcon-Seymour

We didn’t give up. ~ Andrea Lackey Kutzko

DAWG kisses!!!! ~ Douglas Animal Welfare Group

I am a pit bull parent that rocks because my pit bull is so well-behaved, gregarious and fun that our friends come to visit her as much as they come to visit the rest of us. ~ Alexis Boyle

Oh I really like the term “Pet Parents”…so much nicer than “owner.” Love the picture and beautiful pit bull. ~ Barbara Escobio

I am a pit bull parent that rocks because I make sure that my Lola gets everything she ever imagined while she sat in that cage in the shelter for the 9 months before she rescued me. ~ Helen Feykes

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