What Do You Do For Dogs In Need?

May 10, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

It’s Be Kind to Animals Week, and so we asked our Facebook friends to ”Tell us about a time when you’ve gone above and beyond to help a dog in need. Did you report a case of animal cruelty in your neighborhood, put food out for a stray dog while on vacation, or adopt the shy pit bull at the shelter? Let us know about those little kindnesses that mean so much to animals in need!”

So many of you do so many kind things for dogs on a daily basis, without even thinking twice about it, that all we can do is thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Once again, StubbyDog fans have proven that they are the best!

With the help of our vet we caught and fostered an emaciated stray with frost bite who we nursed back to health. He’s now a permanent part of our family. ~ Stephanie Dostal

Twice I have pulled over on the highway to rescue dogs. The first time was for three dogs that had walked out onto the barrier in the middle of the highway and the second was for two German shepherds that wandered a little too far from home. Not the safest move on my part but sometimes I react without thinking first. ~ Jennifer Disabella- Dickinson

Back in 2001 our local shelter at the time euthanized all pit bulls (including pit bull mixes) after the 7 day hold. I talked the director into letting me adopt a Staffordshire/Labrador mix. They followed up with me for the first six months and then started to adopt some out rather than kill them all. I give all of the credit to Lucy. She was the best dog ever. She just passed away on April 12th and she is dearly missed. ~ Bethany DeMark Zimpel

Rescued an aggressive 6 month old pit bull. It’s an ongoing process but worth it. He deserves us. ~ Ashley West Saldaña

I brought home a confiscated pit bull mix who became a big baby and cuddle bug. His favorite thing is to sunbathe…. ~ Maureen White

Every Saturday for three months a black Labrador traveled to my house for lots of food, water, and treats. I kept looking for him (I nicknamed him Gypsy) and his owners but never found either. He would eat, play ball, eat some more, and leave! How he knew it was Saturday is beyond me. I pray someone has him and is loving him. ~ Dana White

We adopted our deaf pit bull 6 years ago. He changed our lives forever. ~ Karina Alonso-Ferrari

Two years ago I found a senior cocker spaniel dumped on a local trail while walking. The poor guy was filthy, matted, blind, deaf and struggling to walk. I stopped and called animal control and waited by his side giving him kind words and some much needed affection. Once they arrived he was wagging his tail he knew he was no longer going to suffer. He was put down the following day, which was the best for him as he had gone through too much suffering. At least he was given affection in the end and put down humanely rather than to wander in the desert as he had been. I always think of that guy. ~ Jennifer Garcia

I deliver really good dog food to homeless people for their dogs. ~ Katherine Smith

We adopted a 14 week old pit bull on Sunday that was supposed to have been put down the Friday before. They missed him and we were not leaving him there because we knew come the next morning he would have been killed, he was so worth the vet bills. Two years later he is now a licensed service dog and a forever family member. ~ Melissa Hamilton-Selesky

I was asked to see about a dog abandoned on a rural road in our community. For a month people put food out but nobody could catch her and she also could not be trapped. Because she had already caused 2 minor traffic snafus there was talk of darting her. Because I volunteer to socialize and network dogs into rescues from the local animal control an acquaintance thought perhaps I could help before it came to that. Twice I drove out looking for her but she wasn’t there. Then returning from a visit I spotted her. Luckily I was prepared with treats and a slip lead. It was a cold foggy day and soon nothing else existed except Sheba and me. I was unaware that a crowd had gathered. She came to within 4 feet of me barking nervously. I tossed bits of chicken to her and showed her the slip lead. I wanted to be totally open with her no surprises to spook her. I sat down and made myself small. Time stopped and I did not feel the cold water seep into my clothes as I sat on the wet ground. I knew in my heart she wanted to be caught so I sent her all the golden warmth and love from my heart with the promise of safety. I did not move as she came 6 inches from me, then as slowly as possible I slipped the lead over her head. She trotted by my side willingly then leapt into the crate in my car and covered my face with kisses. “I’m glad that is over she seemed to be saying!” The friend who I had visited witnessed the rescue as she was driving into town and offered her warm barn for Sheba until I could get her into a rescue. I could not keep her myself as I had rescued eight dogs and two rescue cats of my own. A wonderful rescue Animal Resource Foundation in Chester, Maryland agreed to take Sheba in a few days. I love happy endings! ~ Susanne Hoshino

Found an unidentified stray Mastiff. Reunited him with owner. Made him a pet ID tag. ~ Jerri Hopper Schultz

We stopped for gas on a long road trip last summer in Spokane, WA, a thousand miles from home and saw a loose dog wandering around. We corralled her, gave her some pets and treats and contacted her owner (who was out of town) and got the dog back home. It was only an hour out of our day and meant the world to Cookie the Dog and her owner. We’ve picked up loose/stray dogs so many times now I’ve lost count. ~ Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes

I and my friend Marcie rescued over 60 dogs in six months, brought them back to health, loved them, and offered some needed rehab. One in particular was 27 pounds, extremely emaciated, and covered in hundreds of ticks, bloody ears, tick fever, and low protein in blood. He recovered perfectly and now lives with another dog in his new home. We are never giving up even on the tough ones challenged with aggression, specific needs, anxiety, medical issues etc. We go above and beyond every day no exception. ~ Elena Bobu

I always try to catch strays/loose dogs and get them back to their owners. Also have had multiple garage sales generating over several thousand dollars and donate all the proceeds to dog rescues. ~ Marcia Dwyer

Check out Tia Torres and the Villalobos crew…those are true pit bull heroes. ~ Breezy Peace’Love

I carry dog and cat food in my car. Water also and bowls. When I see one on the road that looks like it needs it I give it food and water. I repeat as long as it needs it. ~ Lorrie Foss-Mcgaha

I carry water, treats, and several leashes in my car at all times. Any time I see a loose dog, I’m the crazy person who pulls over and spends the whole day getting it home. I’m not sure if this is kindness or craziness, though… ~ Laura Nalven

I keep an eye out for dogs locked in cars (while their owners make a “quick” run into the store). I call the police and tell them there is a dog in distress. I haven’t had to break any windows, but last summer there was a poor dog in a convertible (top up) for over 20 minutes. As I kept an eye on him and was on the phone with the police, some man came over and cut the back window out of the convertible. I was able to give the dog my water. That guy was my hero! ~ Suzanne Kristensen

Didn’t hesitate to report a neighbor living behind me, who had two or more dogs that lived in their backyard and constantly begged for attention and/or to go inside. No crime, just pet owners that suck, right? Wrong…they also shared the backyard with the decomposing remains of another dog that died from no telling what. All animal control needed was a picture of the deceased animal, which I gladly provided, and they were able to go investigate and question the homeowners (can’t really call them pet owners because they obviously failed miserably in that role!). ~ Jennifer Gill

I rescued my pit bull, Bullet, as a little puppy. He was a year old when this happened. He loved playing with a bunch of kids in the back yard of a friend. One day, instead of going into the yard, he was standing “all puffed up and at attention ” in the friend’s yard, in front of the gate staring out from it. Bullet stayed like this for several hours, instead of playing with the kids. The baby sitter tried to get him to come into the yard to play, Bullet refused to move from the gate. The babysitter wondered out loud what he was looking at. One of the little boys said “He’s looking at the little man in the bushes,” and pointed across the street. The baby-sitter immediately called 911. Cops found the guy and he was arrested. He was a just released from prison and was a child molester! As soon as the cop car with the molester left, Bullet started wagging his tail and raced into the back yard to play with the kids. As told to me by the mother of the baby sitter later that day! ~ Steve Anton

Several years ago, we were planning on moving but a stray dog had been hanging around. My kids of course, fed the dog so when the day for the move came, we couldn’t leave without taking Rex with us. From that point on, he joined our other dog, Lady, as part of our family. ~ Marilyn Hays Favali

My wife and I rescued an abused 16 month old pit bull who was never socialized with other dogs and has issues with men. There have been some challenging times and we were told to put him down by a trainer, especially if we wanted to have a family. Over the past two years we have seen some great changes in him, he still has some issues but we are working with him. He is excellent with my wife and 6 month old son and loves to cuddle with everyone. When a dog like this isn’t given a chance in the beginning it takes a lot of love and patience to make him feel safe. I believe that any dog that has been abused deserves a chance at a happy and stable life. ~ Kevin Drewlo

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