What Did You Do Over Memorial Day?

May 31, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

Monday was Memorial Day, and so we asked our Facebook fans “What are you doing with your pups this holiday weekend – going to picnics, hanging out by the lake, or just sleeping in?”

There was a whole lot of sleeping and sunbathing going on over the holiday weekend, though some of you worked off the Memorial Day hot dogs by hiking or playing ball. You’ve just got to love those all-too-rare free-form weekends – thanks everyone for sharing!

Celebrating my Gunner’s fifth birthday today. We also want to thank all the men, women, and animal soldiers both past and present for their service, not just today but every day. I and my two spoiled “Rott’ens” wouldn’t be able to have our freedom if it wasn’t for their courage and sacrifice. ~ Marina Silvio

We have Polaroids! We took the girls camping in Revenue Flats and they had the best time! So much play and many nature walks. They even got to eat hot dogs for the first time. ~ Elizabeth Schipper

We went hiking in the mountains and he loved it! ~ Elizabeth Walton

Holiday weekend = rescued dog time. Sebastian’s been in boarding since being rescued from the Stockton, California pound in November! We got out for a long walk yesterday. Sebastian is adoptable anywhere in driving distance of central California; he’s 4 years old, 75 pounds, neutered and up-to-date on shots, and needs to be an only pet with an experienced person who will continue his training. He’s a strong, independent-minded, adventurous guy! ~ Eileen McFall

I bet y’all can guess what May did for Memorial Day. Everybody else just kinda hung out. I was working in the garden. She can keep herself occupied throwing the ball to herself, and every so often Brutus will take it away and say, “Mom, you’ve had enough.” ~ Robert J Stulken

Lazy, rainy day here. ~ Kim Palama

Lazy day here. My husband and Sophie have “a little lie-down.” ~ Cathy Ludlum Foos

Memorial Day relaxing in the sun! ~ Misty Miller

Logan & Cleveland enjoying their Memorial Day in the sun. ~ Roxanne Shobe

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