May 16, 2013  

Rescue Dog of the Week

Hi, my name is Oliver! I was found as a stray in New York and wound up at their Animal Care & Control Center where I was set to be put to sleep before Eleventh Hour Rescue stepped up and saved me. Boy, was I scared! I was extremely emaciated and sick with a lingering kennel cough that I just couldn’t seem to shake. Who knows the last time I was fed! But the amazing people at EHR nursed me back to health and put some weight on me by making sure I have plenty to eat. I’m now ready to find that forever family to spend the rest of my life with.

Any time I see another dog, I wag my tail and approach in a friendly manner, ready to play. I have made friends with a few of the dogs at the kennel and seem to really enjoy hanging out with them, though I do need some help learning how to learn to truly play! I’ve been hanging out with a few special volunteer friends and they’ve played with me at our kennel and even taken me off property. I love to go for rides in the car. You should see my tail wag when I get to sit in the front seat! And if you pet me while you’re driving – boy, am I in heaven! I like to go on walks and I try not to pull on the leash because I know that people don’t like that. In fact, I enjoy taking time to stop and smell the roses and you may have to pull me a little bit to get me to go! There is just so much to explore – we didn’t have all those great scents in NYC! My volunteer friends take me on pack walks and pack hikes with the other dogs of Eleventh Hour Rescue and we have so much fun. I like to play in the yards at the kennel, too. My favorite is when I bow down low to the ground and then pounce up and run around, watching if you’re going to follow me. I don’t mind playing with toys either and I share them really well. You can take them right from me with no problem! While I enjoy getting out to play and go walking or hiking, I am also really mellow and enjoy just lounging around, too.

While I don’t like to live in the past, some things are hard to leave behind. Have you ever been so hungry that your body starts to eat itself? I have and it’s a hard feeling to forget. When I see food in front of me now, I sometimes forget that I will never have to worry about having enough food again. I only ask that you don’t touch my food or food bowl after you’ve fed me. It’s something that I’m working on right now and I could sure use an understanding person to help me overcome the pain of my past.

My ideal home would be with somehow who is willing to work with me on my food issues and understand that I was not treated very well in the past. Besides that one thing, I am a great boy who is very loving and just wants to spend time with my favorite people. I already know how to “sit, “come,” “down,” and “stay” and I am working on other commands like “leave it.” I am extremely food motivated and will do just about anything for a treat, so learning new things will come easy to me.

If you want more info on me, check out Eleventh Hour Rescue, in Randolph, New Jersey, or call 973.664.0865 for more info! Fill out an application on me and we can set up a date to meet. I just know I’ll be the best friend you can have if you adopt me.

Photos courtesy of Jill Caren Photography.

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