Celebrity Pit Bulls!

May 28, 2013  

Dog: Piney / Guardian: Ira Glass

By Briana Fugitt

Host of This American Life, Ira Glass talks about his beloved pit bull, Piney, and shows us all a prime example of what adopting a dog is all about. Piney has had his share of medical ups and downs from severe allergic reactions to irritable bowels. But through it all, Ira has stayed by Piney’s side and makes sure his needs are met, no matter how extravagant! Because of Piney’s medical issues, he wasn’t expected to live past 2 years old. Thanks to Ira and his dedication, Piney is now 7 years old and going strong and, just as any dog deserves, he’ll never have to worry about being cared for. Ira’s devotion to his sweet pit bull is an admirable quality and most dogs would likely agree with his philosophy, “I think the most you can hope for is that there’s someone else who even notices that you exist, who even cares about what happens to you. Many people don’t have that. I feel like he does. He’s got us watching out for him.”

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