Where Do You Volunteer, and Why?

April 26, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

It’s National Volunteer Week, and so we asked our Facebook friends, “At which shelters or rescues do you volunteer, and what drew you to them?”

Fans from across the country let us know where and why they volunteer, and everyone here at StubbyDog would like to say “Thank You!”, from the bottom of our hearts. You’re the best!

Last year I volunteered at Spokane Humane Society as a dog walker and photographer. Since moving to Oregon, I am now beginning volunteer work at Clackamas County Dog Services. I love both of these shelters, and was drawn to them because of their positive programs, great adoption success rates and zero breed bias! ~ Jennifer Leigh State

I am a volunteer photographer at the Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter in Manahawkin, NJ. I do other things, too, but photography is my favorite. ~ Joanne Eckert

The Humane Society of El Paso, Texas, because they’re a no-kill shelter. ~ Carolee Pineau

I volunteer at Four Footed Friends in Indiana, Pennsylvania. I started there because they are a no-kill and are incredibly clean. ~ Christina Doan

I used to volunteer at the Wayne Animal Shelter in Wayne, New Jersey, when I was in college. More recently I volunteered at Indigo Mountain Nature Center in Colorado, which rescued wild animals such as wolves and bears from canned hunts, roadside zoos, and people who thought they could have wolves as pets. ~ Kathleen Klotz

Sacramento SPCA, because it’s close to my house. ~ Ariana Santos

Washington Humane Society because it’s the only intake shelter in D.C.! Oh, and because it’s awesome. ~ Annette Dumont

Best Friends Animal Society and Salt Lake County Animal Services in Utah…I am a Cat Ambassador. ~ Karen Chidester

I volunteer with Dogs on Deployment. Not a rescue, but they do wonderful work matching military with people willing to board their pets while they deploy, train, etc. I also volunteer with Giant Hearts Giant Dog Rescue, Inc.. They take in the giants. We actually adopted our Hank from them. ~ Melissa Thomas

As a family, we foster dogs for Florence Area Humane Society, who will transport to Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Washington, D.C. We started in August 2011. Right now, fosterdog #26 Dazzle is snuggled next to me nomming on a frozen Kong! ~ Sharon Flynn Webb

I volunteer with Manatee County Animal Services, working with the MCAS Adopt-A-Bull program. We help teach the pit bull type dogs social manners in preparation for them taking the CGC. I also support Safe Haven Animal Rescue of Florida, run by my good friend Mary Lupi, because she helped me get two wonderful pit bull mixes, Ella and Arlo! ~ M.K. Means

I have volunteered at Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans twice, I’ve also volunteered at Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter in Dearborn, Michigan, and have helped Bullys Angels in Metro Detroit with a few events here and there, in the future I plan on fostering for Bullys Angels and Detroit Bully Corps, and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to visit The Cat House on the Kings, the biggest no-kill, cage free cat rescue in the US, which is in California somewhere. ~ Sara Lynn Yankowski

I volunteer at the Kansas Humane Society doing canine-laity testing. That’s how we ended up with our pit bull, Ginger, who joined our already two-dog family. I love dogs and want to do what I can to help them find a home. ~ Sharla Gibbons

I volunteer at the SPCA of Westchester County because they’re a no-kill shelter, take in dogs regardless of breed, health status, or age, and do a lot of outreach in the community. ~ Trista Norton

I volunteer with Dothan Animal Shelter in Dothan, Alabama as a puppy foster parent and at their annual fundraiser, Bark in the Park. I also do volunteer animal transports for All American Dachsund Rescue, Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, Liana Porrier Rescue and KHTC Group. I have also started doing local home visits for Bama Bully Rescue for potential fosters/adopters. ~ Barbara S. Daniels

I have volunteered at Kitsap Humane Society in Silverdale, Washington, for three years. I walk dogs, work with therapy dog training and am an adoption advocate for long timers. ~ Vickie Stenson Josal

I volunteer at the Whatcom Humane Society in Bellingham, Washington. Volunteering was part of my dog trainer certification, but I’ve stayed on. I really enjoy teaching the dogs basic manners and when those same dogs show up in my class with their new owners, it’s awesome! ~ Pat Holeman

I volunteer at the Humane Society of Wichita County here in Texas. I started by walking dogs on weekends but my arches collapsed (40 years of bad shoes) after a year of that. So I started working adoption events and about the same time started fostering puppies, we have numbers 33 and 34 at the moment, a couple of pit bull mixes. ~ Marcus Hill

I volunteer at PAWS – Pet Animal Welfare Society of Norwalk, Connecticut. They are a no-kill shelter with great animals and a group of dedicated staff and volunteers who are super-passionate about animals and adoption. ~ Felicia Grosso

I volunteer at the Rock Island County Animal Shelter with a group called QCPaws. The volunteers and employees there are wonderful and everyone tries so hard to make sure every animal feels loved. ~ Lori Curnin Cowan

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