April 18, 2013  

Rescue Dog of the Week

Faith came to us with one of the saddest stories we have come across. Her previous owner had used Faith for hog hunting. Now this is a very dangerous sport, but even more so without protective gear. Faith suffered serious injuries to her face and eye and jaw.

This is where the sadness begins. Her owner did not care to have her medically treated. As a result, Faith had a jaw that healed misaligned. She was blinded in one eye. And to top it off, she was turned out to roam free and unwanted only to be hit by a car because of her impaired vision. This accident left her with a broken front leg that was left to heal as a crippled limb.

Poor Faith had no luck at all. Then one day, Faith finally had some good luck when a kind person took her away from this situation and sought medical care. Her leg would remain non-functional and became more of a hindrance than a help. She became a part of Treat ‘Em Right Rescue in Houston, Texas and was able to receive the much needed surgery to remove her mangled leg. After surgery, Faith recovered with remarkable speed. It was obvious that being three legged was much better than battling a non-functional limb. From there, Faith has not looked back.

Faith is small and compact, and has the power of a little bull. She is 4-5 years old , spayed and current on all vaccines. She loves belly rubs, playing with smaller dogs and pups, and adores people and kids. She is very clean and meticulous and keeps a neat room except when she might shred one of her soft toys. She always has a smile on her face for all the volunteers.

Faith awaits her very own home where someone will care for her and love her. Please contact us at if you would like more information, or check out our website.

StubbyDog offers the Rescue Dog of the Week feature as a way of helping adoptable dogs find forever homes. StubbyDog relies solely and in good faith on information provided by contributing organizations. We do not temperament test, behavior screen, or background check any of the featured dogs, nor are we involved at any point in the adoption process. StubbyDog does not receive any financial incentive or other consideration for providing this service.

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