April 1, 2013  

After a rough start, Chaos turns into a puppy-saving hero, a foster brother, and a local celebrity

By Debbie Maas

Let me tell you about my 4 year old terrier mix, Chaos (formerly Vito).

My husband was looking for a second dog three months after rescuing our beagle/rottie mix Sassy; I was opposed to getting another dog, but appeased him by going to area shelters and then saying no to every dog we met.

We went to Animals for Life to see a dog similar in appearance to our girl (her kennel read “be careful feeding biscuits”). I did my usual walk through, not really paying attention or really looking at any of these sad faces. As we were leaving there was a little dog on his back legs leaning on the cage, ears perked, head tilted, tongue hanging out. The sign said “Vito”, and he was a white with black speckled pup who had the cutest little black patch of fur over his right eye. We immediately connected, and to my surprise when I looked down I saw that he was missing his left front leg, shoulder and all. I immediately told my husband that we need to take him, because no one puts a bow on a three legged dog to give to their children.

His meet and greet with Sassy went well, but we had to wait a day to bring him home as he had a “photo shoot” the next day. He was being featured in a coffee table book called Rescued in America, by Melissa McDaniel. In reviewing his paperwork we saw that at only 10 weeks old he endured a dog bite so severe that his leg needed to be amputated. This horrific injury occurred shortly after he had beaten parvo. What a survivor!

Since adopting Chaos, he has been featured in this book, has had an article published about him in an area paper, and has been the featured dog in talks with Girl Scout troops about animal care and rescue. He has donated blood on two separate occasions, and, because of the parvo antibodies in his blood, has saved a lot of puppies. He is our best pup, and since we do pit bull rescue with Karuna Bully Rescue, he has become one of the best foster brothers ever, and helps to socialize other pit bulls before they find their forever families. He is my hero pup and, at 24 pounds, our biggest, best boy in the whole wide world. He is truly our miracle.

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