Celebrity Pit Bulls!

April 30, 2013  

Dog: Margaret / Guardian: Lake Bell

By Briana Fugitt

Actress Lake Bell, from The Practice and Boston Legal, found her pit bull Margaret through her agent, who just happened to be on the Board of Much Love Animal Rescue. One photo of Margaret and Lake was sold. Not knowing much at the time about pit bulls and their bad reputation in the media, Lake couldn’t understand why people would cross the street to avoid walking near her pit bull. In an interview with The Pet Press, Lake explains, “My getting Margaret was based on pure connection. I had no idea that pit bulls were notorious or that there was any bad press about them. It’s weird. I just thought she kind of looked like the dog that was in The Little Rascals. I didn’t think of her as looking mean. She looked beautiful, and so kind and sweet, and she was a little timid when I first got her. She was just special.” A true story of love at first sight!

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