Celebrity Pit Bulls!

April 2, 2013  

Dog: Marlowe / Guardian: Wil Wheaton

By Briana Fugitt

Like most of us who have more than one dog, we don’t always have plans to adopt more than one. But then our eyes lock with that special pooch and before we know it, we’re sharing our bed, couches, and lives with multiple dogs. That’s exactly what happened to actor Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Stand By Me, The Big Bang Theory) when he happened upon an irresistible pit pull puppy, Marlowe, at the Humane Society. Now an advocate for pit bulls, Wil was quoted via Twitter expressing his concern for Kelly Ripa’s recent negative pit bull comments, “Her ignorance breaks my heart, and will hurt pits in shelters.” Wil has been known to participate in several animal shelter charity and awareness events, and his love for his pets is undeniable!

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