What Are Your “Must-Haves” During Parades?

March 15, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

Now that the weather is getting better (not quickly enough in some parts of the country!), everyone can start spending more time outside with the pups. We know that a lot of you like to take your dogs to parades, so we asked our Facebook friends “What are your ‘must haves’ to keep your pooches safe and happy before, during, and after the events?”

Water, sunscreen, pre-event exercise, and some high-value treats are just some of the ways that we can help everyone enjoy the chance to mingle and show off their fancy clothes. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Our pit bull mix loves to be a part of parades! We try to enter those that are on tree-lined streets, in parts of the year that aren’t too warm for him….lots of water stops – and air conditioner in the car. ~ Almy’s Bryant

The pavement is hot so I try not to take them. Lots of water, cooling towels and ice packs. A nice mat for after to rest in air conditioned car. ~ Carol Swift Pohina

At least an hour long run through the woods before we get to the parade to get the fidgety energy out, and concentrate on her parade wave. ~ Tess Purvis

Our must-haves are Nina’s tutu and matching flower collar. Plus, a stash of Vienna sausages so I can compete for her attention with all of the interesting scents and dogs. ~ Laura Nalven

Water (50-50 water/ice if it’s hot), snacks, collapsible dish, poop bags, current ID tags, event-appropriate accessories, camera. Definitely some exercise before leaving the house. ~ Theresa Mergl

Water and something to put on the ground to protect the feet. ~ Maria Nunes

Sunblock, water. ~ For the Love of Paws

My dog loves parades and is not bothered by crowds or loud noises. Make sure you have a dog who will enjoy the event and bring water and a short, fixed lead. ~ Lisa Bassi

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