When Did You Fall In Love With Pit Bulls? (Part 2)

February 9, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! So we thought we’d ask our Facebook friends “Tell us about the first time you fell in love with a pit bull – was it a friend’s dog, were you drawn to a dog at a shelter, or did your eyes meet across a crowded dog park?”

It seems that love can overtake you anywhere, anytime – especially where pit bulls are concerned! Thanks everyone for sharing.

I was meeting a relative of my husband’s for the first time, one of those odd, awkward, meetings where everyone has history to talk about, except you. Ticktickticktick came from the kitchen, and 50 #’s of wriggling, happy love, exploded into the room, and targeted me for attention. I fell in love, so hard, that meeting sparked a chain reaction that’s led to 8 years involved in pit bull rescue! ~Juli Goodrich

Working as an emergency room vet tech, a 2 year old pit was brought in after being dragged behind a pick up for blocks. His feet were mutilated down to the bone from trying to keep up. I sat down next to him and he crawled into my lap, tail wagging, giving kisses the whole time. Even through all the pain all he wanted was some loving. Stole my heart. ~ Alyssa Poolos

A shelter dog who was labeled “Plott Hound Mix.” I knew she was a pit bull/hound instead. ~ Diane Causey

Samantha was a beautiful brindle girl in the shelter I volunteered at. Over the four years there she was the one dog that touched my soul and made me a pit bull lover for life! ~ Brianna Buckman Travierso

I went to a house to pick up an abused pit bull. I walked in and she wrapped her two front legs around my waist and looked in my face. Five years later she has done more for me than I could have ever imagined. It was love at first sight. ~ Jenn O Hale

My son has a brindle male pit bull. I love him dearly and since my son moved out, there is a void in my home. Bruno is a wonderful advocate for pit bulls. ~ Nancy Piazza

We adopted our “Labrador/Viszla” mix from a high kill shelter. He was bigger than I expected, and we were looking for an older puppy for our daughter, but I couldn’t walk away from him. Once we got him home, we began to see the “pit bull” behavior…the kisses, wiggles, smiles, unconditional love, and those soulful eyes…and realized we had all fallen in love with our very first, but not last, pit bull. ~ Barb Roscoe Twaddle

I went to a local shelter looking to adopt a pit bull puppy, they didn’t have any and I instantly feel in love with Blue, a 3 year old pit bull. We did a couple meet and greets with MacGyver (my boxer mix, also a shelter dog) and took him home a couple days later. ~ Allison Moniz

I went to local Humane Society looking for a rat terrier. Fell in love with my pit bull Nikki and six years later still happy, and added a blue puppy in August of last year. Wasn’t a fan of the breed before, but now wouldn’t have anything else. ~ Corey Ayres

Eleven years ago my son got Gretchen, a baby pit bull. At first I didn’t know what to think, after getting to know her I fell in love. Gretchen changed our lives and I will be a pit bull fan forever. ~ Nancy Rogers

I knew I loved pit bulls when I read the book “The Lost Dogs” and realized how sweet they were. And now I volunteer at a shelter and I love those pit bulls. They are so sweet and playful. ~ Lori Curnin Cowan

It was my fiancé’s dog. Her name is Kitty! And all she ever wants to do is get loves and cuddles and give out kisses! And we now have four pit bulls total! ~ Nikkoal Daniels

Sitting on the back steps of my building one morning drinking my coffee, a beautiful black and white pit bull named Bean came up and dropped a tennis ball at my feet. She stared at me, then the ball, then me again until I threw it for her. Bean died in my arms ten years later, after helping to rescue several other pit bulls. ~ Wren End Bsl Kellogg

I had a friend who had a pit bull. First time I met him we became best buddies, and he would sit on my lap when I came to visit. That’s when I became a pit bull fan. ~ Rebecca Nichols

I met the frozen, starving canine love of my life in December 2010 after he was found wandering in Baltimore City. He was a meager 20 pounds of shivering, quivering love! Thank goodness he rescued me! ~ Lisa Redelius

Super sweet, very affectionate, and has a character that often makes me laugh out loud. She was the first “large-breed” dog I’ve ever lived with and the reason why I like them now. ~ Matthew Moser

Our love started when our neighbors Boston Terrier came to our house because he smelled fish. My husband showered the Internet looking for something he could call his own when he found a breeder close to us. He called her and all we were going to do was see if he would work. She went out to get the chubby guy he ran in the house and went right to my husband and he couldn’t stop laughing at the little chubby ball of energy. It was love at first lick. ~ Alicia Young

It must have been when strangers kept telling me my mixed-breed rescue dog was part pit bull! ~ Rhonda Shore

I took in a pit bull puppy until a home could be found for him, being somewhat afraid because of all the talk about how terrible they were, I couldn’t wait to find one, and then when I finally did, I couldn’t let him go! Eight years later and he is the best dog ever! ~ Sandy Chaussé McLeod

Had a friend that got in trouble with her HOA for having a pit bull (Labrador/pit bull mix), so I took him for her. I didn’t realize how much bias/negativity there was against the breed until I had Champ. It made me develop that much more of a compassion for the breed, since I had nothing but positive experiences with Champ. ~ Marcie Marquez

For whatever reason, I am judged constantly. Some like me and some don’t know how to take me. I identify with the breed, and thus my dogs and I enjoy pure love. ~ Barb Dueck

My son got this little pit blizzard, blue nose pup he was only 6wks old, left his mom early due to the pups biting on her nipple too hard the teeth were in., Anyway he came from a friend that could not keep him, well he had the cage, leash, collar, food and outfits. They said keep him for a week and if it doesn’t work you can give him back. Well you know he never left we fell in love with him at first sight. He had this tuxedo outfit with a red bow tie, and coats he was sweet. He’s never let us down he is socialized and not aggressive. Since I was introduced to pits, I love them! ~ Susan Friedman

PB was the cutest little potbellied puppy, chasing down the food lady at the shelter, carrying his dish in his mouth as if to say – more please, one cup does not fill my belly. Right then I knew we had to have him in our family. He’s 6 now and my best baby boy. ~ Sally Pyper

I volunteer at our local city shelter and have fallen in love with this amazing breed! Most of the dogs we see come from backgrounds of abuse or abandonment. They may carry scars or you might be able to count disk in the back, but to them, it’s in the past. They’re excited you’re there and are ready to relish this moment with you. ~ Colleen Seeley

We were first introduced to our friend’s pit bulls back in the mid 80’s. Beautiful, friendly dogs. P.S. she ran a children’s day care out of her house. I haven’t been without a pit bull companion since! ~ Veronica Bethan

I fell in love with a stocky black dog named Grumpy 35 years ago who had a huge head and broad shoulders. He was part pit and part Australian Shepherd, which at the time, was a valued cross for deer and pig hunters. He was so gentle with people and children and simply irresistible. ~ Susan Z. Tyler

Driving home, I saw the prettiest dog I’d ever seen sitting on the side of the road. When I got out of the car, she ran into the protection of some trees, where she lay down and continued to watch me intently. As I approached I saw that: 1) she was still just a puppy, 2) she was shaking with fear, 3) she had no collar, and 4) she was a pit bull. For the past 2 and a half years, Sophie has been a loving and beloved part of our family. ~ Cathy Ludlum Foos

My love story is about my Roscoe. I’d met pit bulls before and liked them, but it wasn’t until a 3 month old floppy squishy ball of sweetness showed up at my house that I fell in love. Since then he has shown me the very definition of loyalty, compassion, devotion, love, acceptance, forgiveness, and tenderness. ~ Patty Sarge Terribilini

When I saw this scrawny, underweight, sad face peering out from behind her bars. Not barking, not whining, just the look of fear in her eyes. I just knew. She has been in the family for seven years, and since another has joined the family, also a rescue. ~ Erika Bartz Wakefield

It was New Orleans, 2001. Luna was a little brindle Staffordshire terrier rescued by our neighbor–sweetest dog ever. She would run at top speed and hurl herself right up into his arms to give kisses. I wanted a dog that would do that. Now I have two! ~ Heather McClain Howell

When I saw a picture on petfinder of a rescued 6 month old puppy- he had paws too big for his body and sad, shy eyes. His name is Solomon and he’s now 6 years old, a happy, smiling boy who came out of his shell. Bonus: We also adopted his mother, too! The two of them are living happily ever after under any blanket they can find to snuggle in! ~ Claire Gonzalez

It was a pit bull that had been dumped on a quiet back road. We started to feed her and her friend. She was a beautiful dog. We brought and her friend home to live with us when we could, she hasn’t been spayed and when we brought her home she was pregnant. As her pregnancy progressed she lost the use of her back legs and had to be euthanized. At least for 3 weeks of her life she knew what it was like to live in a house and be loved. ~ Kim D Gray

I worked at a dog boarding facility and this person left the pit bull there. The pit bull was so sweet. He didn’t want to stay in his kennel because he just wanted to be with me. He sat on the couch that we had there and he just curled up with me. They are the best!!! ~ Darlene Cronk

The store where I buy dog food was having a pet adoption day for rescued dogs. This adorable dog (whom I later discovered was a pit bull) looked at my 8 year old son, and he looked at her. It was love at first sight for all three of us – and yes, we brought her home. ~ Lauret Lawrence

The first pit bull I fell in love with was a red nose who used to come visit me at work every day on his walks with his human. After several embarrassing episodes of finding myself rolling around on the sidewalk with my skirt up on a heavily trafficked street I learned not to wear skirts to work since not rolling around on the sidewalk with him wasn’t an option. ~ Mary Mangling

My dad bought her for my brother’s birthday; she was all white with a black eye and a face covered in pink from licking up a strawberry soda pop. I was six. It was love. ~ Jennifer Smilee

Her name is Molly. I was terrified of the breed until I got to know her. She rules the house… and my heart. ~ Sue Weston

It was a red-nosed green-eyed beauty chained up all day alone outside a crack house. I walked up to him and fell in love. Despite being completely ignored and neglected he loved me right back, immediately. ~ Genay Cohen

My very first accidental pit bull family member was a pound puppy named Dick the Dog… I had only picked out a happy puppy, and he blossomed into the most beautiful little pit bull! I researched this wonderful dog, and have had pit bulls ever since… Many thanks to Dick! ~ Traci Munkres Buffum

The carnies came to town and their female gave birth. Instead of taking the pups to a shelter or a vet, the jerks left them in cars in August in Oklahoma. My Dusty was the only one who was found in time. Dad initially thought he was a rat and nearly freaked before realizing it was a puppy only about 2 days old. Dad didn’t think he would live, but I hand raised him. One of the nice things about growing up in a small town in Oklahoma is that I was allowed to fix up a box for him in the locker below mine so I could feed him every two hours for the first 2 weeks. After that he was too big for the locker so he had to stay home. I would go home at lunch and in between school and work to feed him. He has long since crossed the bridge but is never far from my heart. ~ Deanne Greene

My mother’s doctor had a red pit bull in her waiting room! She would greet everyone who walked through the door with such a big smile that no one was ever frightened and appointments often ran overtime in order to make sure that sweet Bella was properly admired. ~ Jena Ball

A friend had this beautiful dog named Tana, no clue what she was. Just knew she adored me and my children, let all three nap on her and never moved until they awoke. She is gone now, but she is why I love this breed! ~ Teri McCann

I went to visit my cousin, opened the gate, and was frozen with terror as a huge white pit bull with a face like a gargoyle hurtled the air and knocked me to the ground, then licked my face until my cousin called her off. She was the greatest dog ever. ~ Nocte Vena Cava

My first experience was with a dog who was in the rescue I was a volunteer for at the time. She was such a loving dog, just wanted to be in a lap, cuddling. She really opened my eyes to the true nature of pit bulls. Totally changed my life. ~ Kelly Gibson

I can’t honestly say it was love at first sight for me, but it was for my lab Mina. We went to an adoption event to find a playmate, and she sat down next to Chiyome’s kennel, and that was that. We brought her home that day. ~ Tess Purvis

Her name was Odie and she belonged to my son’s friend. She was so lovable and full of energy. She had a smile that you could not resist. ~ Kelly Cade Duncan

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