What Keeps Those Pearly Whites Healthy?

February 15, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

February is National Pet Dental Month, so we asked our Facebook friends “What steps do you take to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy?”

Raw diets, deer antlers, nylabones, regular brushing, and plain old sticks are among the things that help to keep your dogs out of the dentist’s office. Thanks everyone for sharing!

Raw meat and raw bones. ~ Laura Hartman

I provide the princess with lots of different good rawhides, and I also try to rub her teeth and gums with a toothbrush every couple of weeks. It’s good for her, because she’s 3, and I just started doing that! ~ Brittany Cade

Raw diet and raw bones. My vet asked if I brushed my dog’s teeth because they look so good for 5-year-old dogs, pretty and white. ~ Laura Kiper Charloff

My mom gives me crunchy biscuits every day and soft food just once a week. I also get to chew on deer. ~ TaTa Himes

My pit bull likes the Oral-B Pro-Health Vibrating Pulsar toothbrush. ~Caleb Trigueiro

I give my dogs frozen marrow bones from time to time and it really keeps their teeth white! I also give them baby carrots or broccoli. They love their veggies! ~ Elise Redmond

Meaty raw knuckle bones. Also occasionally clean/massage gums with liquid anti-bacterial dental rinse on a gauze wrapped finger. Much easier than tooth brushing. Twelve and 14-year-old pups have sparkly teeth! ~ Mari Osuna

Carrots for treats and annual cleaning at the vet’s. ~ Gloria Mccurley Lantz

I let them chew on sticks. Seems to do the trick. I also give them carrots for treats. ~ Kimberly Neall Bloomer

My four eat kibble and crunchy treats, they only have canned food once a week, and lots of bones to chew. I also brush their teeth weekly; found chicken-flavored toothpaste they love! ~ Theresa Mergl

I use Tropiclean Clean Teeth Gel, regular teeth brushing, and knuckle bones or bully sticks to help keep the tartar from building up. Last visit, my vet said Bogart’s teeth looked like the teeth of a 4-5 year old dog. He’s almost eleven! ~ Nancy Domin

I give them apples, antler bones, and bones with beef or peanut butter fill. And dry food. ~ Anneka Ward

Carrots, celery, apples, jicama, etc. ~ Felika Number

Every (well most) night(s) I brush my dog’s teeth while my toddler brushes his. It’s family “brush your teeth” time — and I demo on my dog’s good brushing skills for my son! ~ Rachel Harrison Massa

Nylabones. Their teeth are immaculate! ~ Trisha Seifert

Mine eats a high quality dry kibble, treats of fruit/veggies and a Greenie. Loves to chew her Nylabone. She is 2 and has no tartar or bad breath and she has pretty white teeth. Pit bulls rule! ~ Laurie Jimenez

Electric toothbrush. We just came back from the doggy dentist today. ~ Bonnie Gratton

A species-appropriate raw diet of meat and edible bones. As a vet tech I see a lot of dogs with horrible teeth who eat kibble and or canned food. It is a myth that dry food is good for their teeth. It does nothing but contribute to tartar. My dogs have sparkling white teeth with no tartar thanks to their raw diet! ~ Valerie Pitbullmama Wilson

I have 3 pit bulls who keep their teeth shiny and bright by chewing the only thing that can last for months….antlers! They love them! ~ Lauren Jackson

Have your dog’s teeth cleaned annually. ~ Donna Perkins Blizzard

My dog and I both brush our teeth every night. We are careful not to mix up toothpastes, though. His is meat-flavored. ~ Regina Hart

Raw soup bones do the trick in our house! ~ Crescent Garner

Dental Dinosaur by Nylabone. Dogs were 8 years old before they ever needed a vet cleaning thanks to the dinosaurs! ~ Krista Walenga

Lots of bones. ~ Anita Elias

I give Starla a lite Greenie every week or so. She still has puppy breath!!! She also loves antlers and ribbed Nylabones. ~ Elizabeth Schipper

Clean their teeth with dental pads. ~ Jan Cohan

Smoked bones from the owner of a slaughterhouse… he wastes nothing, and it’s the only thing my pit bull and Rottweiler don’t destroy in five minutes flat! Their teeth sparkle! ~ Carrie Carlock

Rawhides and Greenies dental chews at least once a month! ~ Sara Lynn Yankowski

Raw diets keep teeth beautifully clean and healthy. My two dogs have pearly white teeth thanks to that diet. ~ Renee Zollitsch

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