Celebrity Pit Bulls!

February 5, 2013  

Dog: Zeus / Guardian: Patrick Willis

As an NFL linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, Patrick Willis knows a lot about strength and power. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons he was drawn to his best doggy buddy, a pit bull he named Zeus. When asked in an interview how Patrick chose his dog’s name, he explained, “I’ve always liked the Greek gods, and Zeus was the most powerful of them all—so I named him Zeus.” Patrick is very aware of the stereotypes pit bulls face, which is why he’s dedicated to making sure Zeus grows up to be a model doggy citizen. “When you are young, you tend to be influenced by those around you—parents, adults, and for dogs, their owners—if you can surround them with love, show them that you care and you’ll be there for them, well, love is a powerful thing, the most powerful thing in the world. The love you give, you will get in return. It shows with Zeus.”

(Read the full interview at The Bark)

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