How Nikki Helped Me Find My Calling

January 14, 2013  

A chance encounter leads to a life-changing relationship

September 14th 2011 at about 4.30pm was the first time I saw our pit bull mix Nikki.

My two children (then 5 and 7) and I were visiting the dogs at Canyon County Animal Shelter. A fellow volunteer was walking the “bully breed” dogs that are so often passed over by volunteers. We met several of the sweet pups she was walking and she mentioned she was about to go home. She decided to take out one last dog who was highly kennel stressed and had chewed her feet, legs, and tail raw. She brought her out into the yard and we watched as she walked a beautiful but very thin “Tuxedo” brindle. Eventually she came over and we met Nikki. She was immediately interested in my little boy. She licked his hand and rubbed her head against him. It took about 3 minutes of that and my daughter giving Nikki treats for us to decide we were in love. My boy said with that plainness kids are famous for “She’s my dog!” I had been thinking seriously about adopting a pit bull for a long time, and over the years had been fortunate enough to know several great breed ambassadors, including a wonderful dog called Max rescued by my friend Wendy. Max is now a registered service dog, and they both work for Boise Bully Breed Rescue. Even so, I had not planned on taking home a dog that day. Nevertheless, I found myself driving away from the shelter with a 65 pound pit bull in my car wondering what had just happened to my sanity!

It’s been a full-blown love affair ever since. She has required a lot of hard work and training and is still a little anxious around new people, but we continue to grow and learn together. Because of Nikki I have found what certainly feels like “my calling”. I am currently the Volunteer Coordinator for Boise Bully Breed Rescue and (along with my wonderful husband) the proud foster parent of Red. Red is our fourth foster since May 2012. We may have saved Nikki from the shelter, but she has given more back to us than I could ever have imagined. Our lives changed forever that day.

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