What Did You Get Your Dog as a Holiday Gift?

December 28, 2012  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

We all know who is at the top of the holiday shopping list every year, so we asked our Facebook friends “What did you get your dog as a holiday gift?”

Unsurprisingly, our furry family members get spoiled rotten when it comes to gift-giving. In return, we get unconditional love 365 days a year, as well as the pleasure of watching them open their presents and a whole lot of fun pictures! Thanks everyone for sharing.

A new Kong Wubba, tennis balls, a bully stick, a new dog bed, a new blanket, a set of steps to get into our bed and 25 pounds of deer. ~Noel Reck

They will be getting homemade blankets. I will send pictures once they have been opened. ~ Melissa Marie Osendorf Allard

Vladamir has a love for stuffed lamb toys so we got him a massive Lamb Chop. Thought his butt was going to wiggle off he was so excited! ~Jen Woleslagle

Last year we gave String a home for Christmas, we officially adopted him into our family. This year he and his sister got stockings stuffed with treats and toys, oh and they are spending Christmas with the grandparents (who will spoil them rotten). ~Katie Holmes

Canned dog food (treat), big box of Greenies and heavy duty dog toys. My pit bull is a shark! ~Laurie Jimenez

A plush blanket to burrow under so she’s not burrowing under and stealing my blanket! ~Kathy King

She has her own monogrammed stocking and gift bags to open. She got lots of treats and new toys. ~Beth Bailey

A few new ropes, a Nylabone activity toy, dental treats, and a squeaky cupcake from target that they go nuts over! ~Samantha Tindall

I’m glad I’m not the only one who spent more on my four-legged babies than my two-legged family members. ~Kirsten Thompson

We really wanted to get them new beds but since they’re medium sized dogs it just wasn’t in the budget. Dog beds are so damn expensive! ~Samantha Tindall

I baked peanut butter carrot dog biscuits. They love everything I bake. ~Heather Davies-Devoe

I made them a stamp card. Every time they hit me up for a walk when it’s drizzling outside, or I’m super tired, I punch their card and take them. After their punches are used up, I revert back to my relatively lazy self. (p.s. my dogs get walked regularly, but they’d like to go even more). ~Olivia Pepper

Blake took part in a Secret Santa with a pit bull owners’ community on LiveJournal, so from there he received an antler, a treat ball, a Kong squeaky stick and a Kong braided pig. From me he got treats to put in said treat ball and a big Bully Stick. And extra cuddles, of course. ~Charlotte Jusinski

Sweaters to keep them warm in the winter months! ~Brittany Webber

A huge stocking full of all of their favorite kinds of chew toys. ~Brittany Ladd

Rawhide and dog beer (snacks made out of barley in shape of beer bottles). I actually put it in my husband’s stocking. ~Carly Risko Rowland

Special treats. ~Mary Anne Clark

A new giant Nylabone, a stuffed snowman, and Dentastix (his favorite treat). ~Stephanie Letendre

A bag of carrots, a new stuffed toy and some chew sticks. ~Merrill Shauna Wallace

Our two pit bulls are getting Bully Sticks, antlers, and a new Kong rope toy. ~Joy Kriewaldt Williams

For the holiday Wall-E my pit bull donated blood at the vet clinic I work at. Afterword, we went to our favorite pet store and he got a toy monkey and a Bully Stick. He is a very happy pit bull. ~Niki Gilliland

Special play date with his cousins from out of town. Couldn’t get them to hold still long enough for a picture but have some great footage of blurry tails. ~Deanne Greene

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