Tank – Adopted!

December 13, 2012  

Rescue Dog of the Week

Little puppies. When you see one, it’s hard to imagine them as anything more than that tiny little bundle. But, they grow and grow, and grow some more. That is exactly what happened to Tank. When he came home as just a little guy, he had no problem fitting into the renters contract weight limit. But, as all puppies do, he grew into a big dog and unfortunately, he was no longer welcome.

So, Tank was brought to the SPCA of Anne Arundel County. Tank quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. Maybe it was the fact that he walks so well on a leash, making him a joy to take along the nature path. Maybe it’s the fact that he already knows sit, down, and shake. Maybe it’s just his always-so-happy personality. Maybe it’s his calm and easy-going personality. Maybe it’s because he’s so sweet and loving. Maybe it’s because he gives the best doggie kisses in the entire shelter! Maybe it’s the fact that he is a giant cuddlebug who loves nothing more than some quality snuggle time! Probably it’s all of the above! But whatever it may be, Tank is very much a favorite around the SPCA of Anne Arundel County.

But, unfortunately, for as much as the staff and volunteers love Tank, everyone knows that it’s time for Tank to move on to a family. No dog who loves cuddling this much should be in a shelter. Nope, a dog who is this proficient at snuggling should be doing so on a couch with a family. But, for some reason, Tank keeps getting overlooked. In fact, he has been with the SCPA of Anne Arundel County for 6 months. The staff and volunteers are baffled. How can a dog this awesome not get noticed?

So, if you’re in the Annapolis , Maryland area and you’re thinking that what your family needs is a sweet, loving, calm, easy-going, snuggly, cuddly dog who walks well on a leash, gives the best kisses, knows sit, shake, and down and who is just a joy to be around, come on down and check out Tank!

Tank is available through the SPCA of Anne Arundel County; you can also visit them on Facebook.

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