My Sweet Sophie

December 17, 2012  

After a painful divorce, one pit bull adopter finds love and support from her rescued pit bull.

By McKenzie Tuttle

When I adopted Sophie from the Humane Society, the adoption agency had told us she was a beagle/Labrador mix. But when I took her to the vet, they confirmed with me that she was actually a pit bull/Labrador mix. I think it’s interesting that the adoption agency would change her breed so she could get adopted more easily because, my guess is, pit bulls aren’t the most popular breed for adoption. When I found this out, I was totally fine because I actually love pit bulls and I think they are the sweetest creatures on Earth.

When I first got Sophie, she was mainly a therapy dog for me. I got her when my ex-husband and I were going through our divorce. She was there to comfort me and just be there with me when times got tough, and she did just that, and more. I love how no matter how badly the day goes, she is always the happy smiling face I come home to. She loves giving hugs – jumping up and wrapping her front legs around your waist.

Sophie loves going on her nightly walks. She gets very depressed and moody if she doesn’t. Her all time favorite treat is ice cubes. She can hear someone opening the freezer from a mile away. When I moved back in with my parents after my divorce, Sophie came with me, and she absolutely loves playing with my parents’ two black Labradors. She loves to talk – not so much barking, just little grumblings and sighs and her own little language.

Before I adopted her was she was a neglected outside dog, constantly running away because she was starved of human interaction. But living with me, she is certainly spoiled.

I just find it so interesting and, at the same time, frustrating how misunderstood this breed is. My cousins also have two rescue pit bulls. I work for a pet store and many times I literally have to debate about the breed with customers. I love my pit bull mix. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Pit bulls, and dogs in general, are so in key with our emotions, it’s incredible.

I would urge anyone looking for a dog to consider adopting a pit bull. They have so many positive qualities, just like my sweet Sophie.

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