Manny – Adopted!

December 6, 2012  

Manny is one big lug of love! Once quiet and withdrawn in his kennel, he has come out of his shell and is now always at the front, wagging and sometimes vocalizing his desire to come out and play. A staff and volunteer favorite, Manny is affectionate, adorable, and loves people, sofas, food, and other dogs. Housebroken and neutered, he is a strong, playful boy who will need capable handlers willing to give him the exercise and manners training he needs. Puzzle toys filled with food will work his brain (which is inside one of the biggest noggins you’ll ever see!), while runs and romps around a yard will work his body. He is very food-motivated, which will help this big smart boy focus and learn new behaviors. Manny would love to be in his forever home for the holidays, so stop by The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, Illinois, to see if he is the dog for you!

You can also visit The Anti-Cruelty Society on their Facebook page.

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