Lost and Found

December 31, 2012  

The author loses her Rottweiler but gains a pit bull.

By Nicole Cherry

We were a Rottweiler kind of family until January of 2008. We had just had to put one of our rotties down, leaving our year-old rottie Toby an only dog. My husband went to our local shelter and found Lucy, who happened to be a pit bull.

I was hesitant, as I had heard the horror stories about pit bulls, and didn’t know anyone who had one as a pet. When I went to the shelter to check Lucy out, we were informed that I couldn’t see her yet, as she had not been temperament tested. I was a little shocked, wondering how Rich had been able to see her, but figured it didn’t matter. After all, she was a pit bull, and that turned me off.

It was Christmas time, so my husband and I didn’t make it back within the hour to check Lucy out. My husband went back on his birthday, December 31, and found Lucy was still there. He called me, overjoyed, as he already fallen in love. I was about 20 minutes away, and hurried up to see her. By the time I got to the shelter, Lucy had already been adopted. I felt horrible, as my husband looked so sad. I apologized to him but told him it just wasn’t meant to be.

We went back to the shelter on January 5 to see if there were any other dogs my husband would be happy with. (Though Toby seemed to be enjoying his alone time on the couch.) When we walked into the shelter, the staff informed us that Lucy had become available again, as the couple who were going to adopt her couldn’t do so because of their homeowners insurance. I saw my husband start grinning from ear to ear. I told them, ok, let me see her. We went in the back, the gal opened up the kennel, and Lucy came out and plopped into my lap, where I instantly fell in love.

Lucy lost her best friend, Toby, to cancer on December 27, 2011. She seemed to be doing ok, but I was a little concerned, as I didn’t feel she would be a good only dog. We got her at 9 months old, so she had spent the majority of her life with her friend, who was now gone.

So, we gave Lucy a new little brother to love! His name is Mack, and he is a blue nose pit bull. (Both of our babies were from rescues, Lucy from the county shelter, and Mack from a private rescue family.)

Lucy is the best dog we have ever had (though I’ve never had so many holes in my sheets and comforters!) She is an awesome companion. We will never have a different breed, and our daughter, who is in college, has stated when she gets her own place, she will get a pit bull as well. We are a pit bull family for life!

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