Is Your Dog a Party Animal?

December 7, 2012  

Community Question of the Week

We’re in the thick of the holiday season now, and so we asked our Facebook friends – is your dog a party animal? Does he like going out to festive events? Or does she prefer to stay at home snuggled up in her fashionable reindeer sweater? If you have parties in your home, does your dog mingle with the guests or stay tucked away in a quiet room until it’s time to sneak the leftovers?

Go out, stay in – as long as your dogs are comfortable, happy, and safe, that’s all that matters. Thanks everyone for sharing. (And thanks to all the StubbyDog fans who sent in pictures of their own party animals! You can see more great holiday pictures here.)

My three like to mingle for the first couple of hours and then it’s off to a nap for some more jingle mingle later on. ~Susan Rodriguez

Roscoe loves a good party! He’s out and about with the guests and guest pets the whole time! Usually by the time the party is over, he’s so worn out he can’t move. ~Patty Sarge Terribilini

My other half loves to rock his new sweater I knitted him. We do have family parties and he mingles with everyone following us kids around the house, he does sneak off with the adults to get snacks like we do then he comes back to snuggle up under a blanket as we watch movies. ~Brizia Salazar

Service dog Birdie is also a therapy dog, so she is invited to a lot of parties! She loves the parties and loves getting dressed up for them. She donates almost all her presents to the animal shelter. ~Noel Reck

My five mingle for most of my parties. Seven never leaves the kitchen just in case something falls to the floor. After a while, they fall asleep near the party guests. All the boys love to go to outside events, but Bella, my girl, likes to just stay home and cuddle. ~Donna J. Griffin

My dog Rudy prefers to stay at home than go out to parties; he’s quite the homebody. However, he loves having guests over, and is very much the charming greeter (if you find enthusiastic dog kisses charming) and mingler. ~Deidre Leonard

Mae is still a puppy but she loves going over to her friend’s houses for holiday parties! When it comes to parties at her house she’s allowed to play until it’s dinner time, then she sneaks a little nap in her crate and back out to help clean up or lick the dishes! ~Liz Mayer

Why sneak leftovers when you can take the food and drink right out of partygoers’ hands? And then get pet by those hands? Attention plus people food equals hog heaven for Holly. (Less heavenly, at times, for the humans at the party). ~Skye McFarlane

My boxer sleeps, greets, then sleeps. She chooses the softest person seated as a dog bed…she is 80 pounds. ~Melanie SMcptcoach

Mine love people! They want to go everywhere with me! I put on my shoes, grab the keys, and all three are already at the door! ~Chris Winicky

Mine love every person but alas, my buds aren’t pit bull lovers. They greet and admire any visitor…and love to go out, but they do get nervous. My girl Cari thinks the local pet store is heaven followed closely by the feed store, where they adore her. ~Kathleen Reaves

They like to stay indoors where it’s warm, but when the party is here they’re smack in the middle of the festivities. ~Brett LaPorte

My American Staffordshire Terrier is a social butterfly. After she has begged “bites” from all the guests, she usually selects one to settle down on for a nap. Then, refreshed, it’s back to the party. ~Lucy Hance

Piper is a huge social butterfly. He loves mingling and greeting at parties! ~Danni St Athens

My boys are always at the center of any social gathering. Anyone who isn’t comfortable with dogs being part of the festivities is not welcome in my home. ~Kirsten Thompson

I never lock my dogs up! If you can’t handle them being free, stay home! They live here, you don’t (and never will). ~Vallie Avery

That is the best question to ask: What does your dog like, i.e., not what do you like? I doubt he likes being dressed up at events. The stress alone (good stress or bad) will raise his body temp. I have one dog who needs a mild calmative to deal with strangers in the house and stays home rather than go to events. I have another dog that can’t get enough social interaction, but needs me to know when he’s had enough. Even dogs can get too much of a good thing! ~Positively Simple Dog Training

Anyone that comes to my place knows my dog will be attending all celebrated events! It’s her house too! ~Arlene Applebaum

My dog does not care for dressing up, but loves to mingle with all the people, just in case they drop some food bits you know. He is very social and will sit and look back and forth at people who are talking to each other, it’s actually very funny. ~Trina Carr

Mine likes to stay at home but when we have parties she is in the thick of it. ~Cheryl Godfrey Westfall

My boy loves to meet everyone. The look on peoples’ faces when an 80 pound pit bull wants to sit in their lap is priceless. ~Mark Trawick

Party animal – go out – stay in – doesn’t matter. ~Almy’s Bryant

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