The Family Nanny Dog

November 21, 2012  

Kadie is a very special pit bull who keeps watch over her entire family

By Megan Leshnock

I rescued Kadie in 2011 from a local shelter that brought her along with her two pups to Pennsylvania from Georgia. She was set to be put to sleep when the shelter got her. I was afraid to get another pit bull after my first one, Doc, passed away. He was mistreated by his old owner, so he had some aggression issues. I took a chance on Kadie because she was so sweet.

It was winter of 2011 when my aunt, who resides with me, fell due to ice on our carport. Kadie ran out to her and used her nose to try to lift my aunt up off the ground.

A few months later, I slipped on my new dining room floor and Kadie came to me, licked my face and ran off to my bedroom where she barked until my boyfriend got up and came to see what was wrong.

She sleeps outside my two daughters’ bedroom like she is a guard. When any of us are sick, Kadie will curl up next to us and rest her paw on us.

I could not see my life without my best friend. She is truly a special girl who shows unconditional love and protection. I am thankful everyday that I put aside my fear of having another pit bull and brought her to her forever home.

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