November 29, 2012  

The first we saw of Sadie was an “urgent” flyer posted on our group Facebook page. The flyer showed a scared-looking tan dog, licking her lips and avoiding the camera. Sadie was one of several dogs scheduled for euthanasia at Levy County Animal Services, a public shelter in a rural area of north central Florida. The animals that make it out alive from Levy County usually do so because they are pulled by private rescue groups, often from Gainesville in neighboring Alachua County. Levy has a small group of dedicated volunteers who are trying to improve conditions for the animals there, build positive working relations with shelter management, and increase the number of animals who go to private rescue/adoption organizations.

On November 1, with only a few hours to spare, a student from the University of Florida vet school saw the “urgent” plea and offered to foster Sadie. We quickly reviewed her application and approved it, and a volunteer drove from Gainesville to the shelter to get Sadie.

After a month at the shelter, Sadie was scared, depressed, and shut down. Her foster mom did not push her but offered a soft bed, a safe place, and loving attention. Almost immediately, Sadie began to blossom and reveal her amazing temperament. She is a perfect house dog: house-trained, quiet, and cuddly. She loves her crate and often stays in it with the door open. She walks nicely on a leash and is very good with her foster brother, a small terrier mix, and dogs she meets on walks. When she met a young child, she immediately sat in front of him, gazed into his eyes, and offered a kiss.

Even though Sadie is very calm, she loves to play tug and chase tennis balls. Her foster mom says she learns very quickly and is eager to please – she listens to everything she is told and is very focused on her person. A snap of the fingers is all it takes to get Sadie’s attention. We think this girl will thrive in obedience classes and has the makings of a wonderful therapy or service dog – or, of course, an outstanding family companion.

Sadie is about two years old and is a compact 40 lbs. She is spayed, vaccinated, and heartworm negative. She is available for adoption through Helping Hands Pet Rescue in Gainesville, Florida. For more information on adopting Sadie, please contact For more information about Helping Hands, you can go to their website or Facebook page.

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