Dog-Friendly Holiday Treats

November 16, 2012  

The holidays are approaching fast, and we know a lot of you are going to be preparing delicious menus for friends and family. But we don’t want to forget about our furry friends, so we asked our Facebook fans, ‘What are some dog-friendly recipes that you give your pooch (or do you skip the treat and stick with their normal meal)?’

Whether it’s homemade treats or something special from our table, we want our dogs to enjoy the holidays just like we do. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Homemade dog biscuits cut into holiday shapes, as opposed to the usual heart shape I use. The dog doesn’t care about the shape, but it seems more festive that way!

~ Aubrie Kavanaugha

My girls got a tiny sampling of Thanksgiving dinner, minus anything too unhealthy.

~ Sherry Stinson

Our baby Kyra Meyer doesn’t get people food so we will go to Brown Dog Bakery and get some treats for her. She gets sick when she eats people food.

~ Tony Meyer

Since Odin can’t join us for Thanksgiving at my parent’s house, my mom always sends the leftover baked sweet potatoes and squash home with me for him. A little bit of pumpkin pie or cheesecake is a special treat too.

~ Susan Klein

Baked sweet potato, no turkey it gives them the runs.

~ Tanika Boudreau

Our pups will get little bit of everything… Spoiled at its finest!

~ Allison Denning

Mine are spoiled rotten too. We buy an extra turkey just to make sure they have their Thanksgiving dinner too.

~ Chris Winicky

They’ll get raw turkey that day (as opposed to raw anything else), plus a little taste of whatever we eat minus the onions.

~ Shelly Hakspiel

Sweet potato chews! Just slice the potato 1/4 inch thick and bake at 300 degrees for 45 minutes, flipping them halfway through. These a regular treat in my house, since our senior boy has skin cancer.

~ Jenni Conner

My daughter and I are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a local dog rescue. The pooches are getting chicken and rice, sweet potatoes and apple casserole and for dessert, pumpkin cupcakes with peanut butter and yogurt frosting! YUMMY.

~ Monica Ryan

The pups aren’t allowed to have any human food. But, on Thanksgiving, we put some of our homemade gravy into their dishes with their regular food. They love it!

~ Kamrie LeBlanc

My three are my “assistant chefs” who taste test the prep work as well as the finished product. They love veggies.

~ Susan Rodriguez

Iz getz salmon, fish, carrots, sweet potatoes and green beanz. Notz able to handlez meat protein since Iz gotz sick frum da bad chicken jerky treat buttz I luv fish and veggies!!!

~ Doodle Bug, finally home.

My girls get a little of everything – whipped sweet potatoes, green beans, pumpkin pie, brussel sprouts, carrots, etc. – hold the onions, of course. Afterwards, they enjoy a good game of spectator football.

~ Trista Norton

She gets some veggies and a snippet of turkey along with her regular kibble.

~ Julia Levy

I don’t have a recipe but I do stock up on plenty of canned pumpkin (not pie filling) this time of year since you can’t get it around here the rest of the year. I give it to my dogs when their stomachs are upset and it does the trick!

~ Tina Creel Pagan

Holly always looks forward to “helping” with the leftover turkey.

~ Skye McFarlane

Mine get a little turkey without the skin. And sweet potatoes, before you add all the butter and sugar–those are a great treat.

~ Danni St Athens

Sasha and Krush are so spoiled during the holidays as well as their birthdays. Sasha and Krush’s holiday menu consists of yams, rice, turkey and sliced apples.

~ Kelli Parker

Ours will be enjoying a special treat of delicious green tripe. Mmmmmmm.

~ Heather McClain Howell

During the summer, I pour leftover beef or chicken stock into ice cube trays (marked specifically for dogs) with a dog treat inside. They love it.

~ Amanda Kerr

Our Rupert LOOOVVVEEESSS turkey! We will ration out bits of turkey for him to have throughout the week as soon as he smells it his mouth waters. I look forward to his reaction every y ar, it’s one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving.

~ Faith C. Woodhouse

I feed Merrick’s “Thanksgiving Feast” canned food.

~ Liz Senteney

My Marley and Bella will feast on turkey and sweet potatoes!

~ Sandee Rousseau

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