A Special Boi

November 15, 2012  

A young boy and his puppy form a singular bond

By Krista Solis

Unlike most of the stories I hear about how someone became a “pit bull person,” mine starts out just a little bit differently. After having my first pit bull shot by a disgruntled neighbor back in January of 2007, I just couldn’t bear the thought of replacing her. But one warm Sunday morning during our usual family stroll around our local flea market changed everything.

Our son had found the cutest little potbellied pit bull mix waddling around in the dirt. We just couldn’t resist. Those two little faces together were all it took and he was ours. Being a “flea-market pup” we were also very cautious of how our pup would react in our home and how he would manage living with our crazy toddler 24/7. But all that time wasted worrying was for nothing. Our “Boi” has been nothing but amazing with our son and oh so very devoted.

A week after we got him, I was watching TV with my husband in our room when Boi just started barking like crazy in the kitchen. We weren’t expecting any visitors, so we immediately jumped up to see what was wrong, and we were in shock. Somehow our son had managed to knock over the trashcan without us hearing and was about to stick a broken light bulb in his mouth! We couldn’t believe it: Our then 5-week-old puppy had actually warned us of our son’s danger! After that his fate was sealed. He had definitely found his forever home, and he was definitely meant to be our son’s best friend.

Boi is now 1 year old, and Donovan is 2 years, and they have spent every day since then being completely inseparable. Boi absolutely loves his rescuer, and Donovan loves his doggie more than any other toy in the house (and he has a lot!). They spend hours playing together, mostly Donovan rolling around on him or using him as his monster truck arena. They also love Boi’s “training” time, when Donovan gets a dog biscuit and tells Boi to sit and when he does he gives him the biscuit. But by far their favorite game is “hide ‘n’ seek.” Donovan runs and hides someplace (usually under the kitchen table), and Boi walks around to “find” him.

The bond that they share is incredible; I’m truly blessed to have him in our life. All of our lives just wouldn’t be the same without him here. And besides, who else would follow Donovan around sucking up all his crumbs and juice spills!

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2 Responses to “A Special Boi”
  1. DianaJones says:

    That was wonderfully heart warming. Two lucky boys!!