What is Your Dog Going to be for Halloween?

October 26, 2012  

With all of the wonderful pet costume contests coming up this weekend and next week, we asked our Facebook fans, ’What is your pooch going to be for Halloween?’
Many of you have great costumes for your dogs and will participate in events, others will just hang inside with their pooches. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Jeffrey will be a “Hula Girl” this year. It was tough to top last years “Chicken Little” costume!

~ Michele Houston

I’ll have a doctor and a pimp!

~ Nicole Edwards

A big pumpkin.

~ Cath Lorena Jones

Captain America.

~ Kathleen Woodley Strittmatter

A cat!

~ HappyAmber Gartner

Vladamir is a cow because he’s huge and has a spotted belly anyhow.

~ Jen Woleslagle

Either a princess or a fairy (wings).

~ Susan Lawrence

Grace will be queen of the fall foliage festival in a lush tutu composed of the autumn color palette with a touch of glitter.

~ Rhonda Shore

My daughter and my dog are going to be bees.

~ Brook Warner

Stewart doesn’t like costumes. Though I would dress him up, my husband wouldn’t like that at all. He wears a skull and cross bones bandana quite often though.

~ Jamie DeVine Legato

Mae will be a squirrel! She already tries to eat acorns all the time, why not have her look the part!

~ Liz Mayer

Hiding! All three plus me.

~ Kathy Hakeem

Skunk! He’s big, he’s black, he’s got a fluffy tail, perfect!!!

~ Terrie Edgar

Micah will be Superman, Brynda will be a police woman, Temperance will be Wonder Woman and Storm will be a great big, furry bumble bee.

~ Jamie Robinson

We’ll be staying indoors unless I can find a costume to make Axle look like a poodle or something. I don’t want anyone hurting him.

~ Meghan Hunt

Hogwarts students! Diggory is Hufflepuff (naturally) and I’m a Gryffindor.

~ Kelli Snyder

A wolf in sheep’s clothing!

~ Elizabeth Schipper

My pug and my pit bull are dressing as University of Florida cheerleaders. The Gators have been undefeated since my dogs moved to Gainesville. Coincidence? We think not.

~ Kim Wolf

My Cane Corso puppy is going to be a ballerina and my pit bull is going to be an army guy.

~ Suzana Moreno

Diva Dog.

~ Ariana Santos

Be safe at home.

~ Denise Walling

My boys are going to be Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber, with orange and blue tuxedos.

~ Christen Lewis

My pit bull is going to be bacon. Because everyone loves bacon!

~ Tabitha Teixeira

A frog and a giraffe.

~ Jenny Redpiper

Jeffery could never be the devil! What a perfect costume for him for Halloween.

~ Maggie Raposo

I dress my pit bull up as the devil. You know to keep up the stereotype, even though he is just mellow as can be.

~ Robert Lukezich

Our pit bull, Bella, will be dressed as an angel, our pit/husky mix, Dre, will be a pirate, and our miniature Pinscher, Spike, will be a vampire bat.

~ Amy Lupo

Dia De Los (Perros) Muertos.

~ Laura Isabel Mata

My male pit bull will be the Incredible Hulk and my female will be a black widow, can’t wait! We are participating in our local bully walk in our costumes too.

~ Linsey Silva

My girl, Twix is going as a triceratops. (She’s my profile pic, being pushed around in a cart at World Market).

~ Danie Corrales

My dog Judge will be a sock monkey, Sprout will be a shark, foster mom will be a cow (she is still nursing), and the seven foster puppies hippos!

~ Michelle Northam

My sweetie Jacee is going to be a froggy.

~ Deanna Smith

If I can find a gator costume that fits that’s what my pit bull will be.

~ Dannie Gabbert

Luna is going as the chocolate part of our family Smore costume.

~ Brian Dellett

My bullmastiff will be sporting the natural look.
1. Because she hates canine clothing and
2. She gets enough attention as it is just walking down the street, no need for silly humanized outfits.

~ Lauren McNamara

He’ll be Petey, and I’ll be Spanky.

~ Jan Otteson Manning

Ollie has been Elmo, Elvis, a fuzzy bunny and a clown. This year I think he will be a tourist with his Hawaiian shirt, straw hat and large sunglasses.

~ Brandy Stewart

My Miniature Pinscher will be a ninja, my Schnauzer will be Darth Vader. Leia, my hound mix will be Princess Leia. Maya, my American Bulldog, will be a fairy princess or a ballerina.

~ Peggy López

Rocco is going to be a lion!

~ Rosemarie Davi

We just adopted our foster dog two weeks ago. With a name like Biscuit, we need a sausage gravy costume for him. He was a tomato thief over the summer, robbing from our garden prompting suggestions of a tomato costume, as well.

~ Kimberly Wendt Riggs

Clark Kent!

~ Teresa M. Harris

Our Lacy will be 13 on Halloween. That’s kind of a guess, but when we do the math from when we got her it’s about right. Halloween 2000. We don’t dress her up or take her trick or treating anymore, but we will celebrate her elderly-ness. She has gone as a princess and a devil and a kitty cat in the past. We used the kids’ dress up clothes to create costumes.

~ Valerie Sherman

Our Bullyboy went as a “Pit Cow” one Halloween.

~ Jane O’Malley


~ Diana Kampa

Both my shelties are going to be twin pumpkins!

~ Melissa Liu

Shila the 3-paw pit bull was a “hippie pit” for the Wiggle Wag over the weekend complete with a big flower on her head, mini skirt and go-go boots.

~ Rose Tremblay


~ Allison Sabo

My pit bull, Brutus, will be dressing as a football player, and my two daughters are dressing up as his cheerleaders. Our senior foster pit bull, Bernard, will be dressing up as a dinosaur skeleton. Great way to play off his senior title.

~ Jenni Conner

Last year she was fairy. I wanted her to be Cat Woman, my daughter is going as Wonder Woman, my son is Spiderman and I will be going as Poison Ivy.

~ Angela Reynolds LaWall

I guess I will probably be a clown again! Or maybe a superhero.

~ Jagger

Mine is going as a glow-in-the dark skeleton! Martha Stewart pet collection costumes are on sale for 75 percent off at Petsmart right now! For once they’re selling something my 75 pound pit bull/Labrador/husky mix can fit into!

~ Brenda K Vander Woude

I’ve been debating this for a while now and have decided it is in Ray’s best interest to be himself and have a nice relaxing evening with his stuffed Kong.

~ Debra Lockhart

Yoda. My dog Stubby is golden retriever/Basset and looks like Yoda standing up! So funny!

~ Mary Pat Whitaker

A shark!

~ Kaley Vorreiter

Doggie just being herself.

~ Linda Pfaffinger

Pink and white cheerleader!

~ Ruth E Johnson

We dressed our two pit bull brothers as Rocky Balboa and Coach Mickey!

~ Rebecca Atkinson Grove

Does anyone have an idea for a costume that looks “spoiled rotten?!”

~ Janine Lizette

I have an angel, a devil, and a bee.

~ Jacqueline Crawford

Babe is going to be a punk rocker. Rudy will be a bumble bee. Champ will be whatever I can find size XXL!

~ Char Baroni

A prisoner.

~ Dozer Meister

I have a blue nose and she is going to be Frankenweenie.

~ Monique Rodela

A dog.

~ Dar Pearson

My black and white boy is going to be a cow, complete with udder and cow bell.

~ Tina Evrard

King Tut!

~ Deborah von Dayraven

All three are going to be cheerleaders! YAAAAAAHHHH!

~ Mary Horvath

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