Words of Wisdom From Our Elderbulls

September 7, 2012  

We are honoring elderbulls this month and here at StubbyDog we believe older dogs might be among the wisest creatures on the planet. So we asked our Facebook fans, ‘What do you think are some words of wisdom our older dogs would tell us if they could?’

Our dogs teach us so much, and our older dogs even more. Whether it is to slow down, savor naps and treats or just to enjoy every moment of life, we are richer for our wise dogs. Thanks everyone for sharing.

A dog will always lend a loving paw. Didn’t you know? Snuggles and kisses fix all hurtful things!

~ Caitlyn M. Nye

Always find the sunbeam…then relax, nothing is as important as the warmth of the sun. – Scarlet R.I.P. old girl.

~ Eileen Enright Gromlowicz

Silly humans, stop making snap judgments!

~ Morgan S. Gertler

We pit bulls are the most lovable loyal pets you humans could ever have. You don’t like us, but that’s okay, we love you anyway!

~ Nicole Strunk

I don’t know why you are arguing with those people on our walk when they talk about me. Just move on and don’t bother them. I won’t get mad at them, I know they just don’t know me yet.

~ Jazzy Brisbin

Enjoy the simple things in life, love much, show happiness and excitement every time you get a chance; be there for those who need you.

~ Airy Zamora Morris

Slow down, we’ll get there when we get there. ~ Anastasia Widiarsih

That time with their family (however you define “family”) is more precious to them because they have less time on Earth than we do.

~ Sadie Johnson

Our convalescing Old Lady Cherry Pie would probably say, “Thank you for your patience with my potty issues. Thank you for letting this old dog teach you some new tricks about dog care.” And, “I’ve earned the right to sit on this couch, thank you very much!”

~ Frankie, I’m a lover not a fighter

Kissing my owner on the face is much more satisfying after I have been cleaning myself.

~ Sarah Bolt

Bite less, love more.

~ Stephanie N. Rotondo

Be true to yourself and stand proud with your ethics. Your love and voice does make a difference!

~ Lori Brown

Love the kids, they drop food.

~ April Dooley

People don’t want to adopt me because they think I only have a few years left. What they don’t realize is one year with a super senior with a silver muzzle is the equivalent if 10 human years of joy, happiness and love!

~ Jayne Hirata

Elderbulls know to clean their dinner bowl, when it’s bed time, when it’s time to get up, how rough or gentle to play, and not to pull on the leash, or when you need a little extra TLC. Call it wisdom, they just know!

~ Rose Mitman

You’ll never catch a squirrel, but it’s the chase, not the catch!

~ Rebecca Loveland Anastasio

Live in the moment, chase something only if it’s really worth it and slow down… Dreams can’t catch you when you’re moving too fast.

~ Alex Baliles


~ Chris June

My elderbull to the youngins: “There’s no point in rioting, dinner is always at the same time.”

~ Diane Androvich

Be assertive – it never hurts to ask for butt scratches. Take more naps. Be generous with cuddles.

~ Lisa Stripe Demarest

I adopted my pit bull when she was 5. Now at nearly 11 years old, she makes sure that every one knows, “It’s never too late to start over.”

~ Courtney Furgason

Although not original I think my soon to be elderbull would simply say, “Wag more, bark less.”

~ Anne Jakubczak

Humans need to just learn to chill. ~ Martha Kennedy

You can teach an old dog new tricks. It all depends on the reward.

~ Todd Kinney

Stop and smell the roses and the fire hydrants. Only bare your teeth if you’re smiling. Live life like someone left the gate open!

~ Jennifer Crawford Skikas

‎”Bark less; sleep more!” – From Pewter, recently expired at the ripe old age of 16.7 years old.

~ Traci Munkres Buffum

Love with your whole heart…and eat more cookies!

~ Sallyann M Marcoux Cote

To err is human, to forgive is canine. It’s the little things, stop, smile and be thankful, the best is yet to come! ~ ElderRescueBull Quinn (found as a neutered stray at approximately 10 years old)

~ Emily Ugarenko

I have shown my loyalty and love as you have done to me.

~ Jo Anne K Hall

“You don’t need a tail to wag to show your love, just wag your whole body!” -My grand-dog, Cain, 9 years young, a red nose, who recently had his tail amputated because of a mast cell tumor.

~ Susan J Cunningham

Mine would say love unconditionally, wag your whole body often enjoy every moment to the fullest, and give out a patch ‘o’ kisses and cuddles daily!

~ Patch O’ Pits Therapy Dogs

I think Brutus (my elderbull) would say: “Love life. Throw the Kong as many times as you can while you can. And always stop for hugs and kisses from dogs, because they really do fix everything!”

~ Anna Lymie McIntire

Napping in the sun is fantastic and just because I have a large head does not mean I have a small heart. Their hearts are so big.

~ Maureen White

They know that “that” look can put a young one in line without exerting themselves. You always get where your going, it just takes longer. That pit bull smile and wagging tail will get you out of trouble all the time.

~ Kate Righter Rhodes

Be kind, it’s the only message I could comprehend.

~ Elaine-Free Lennox-Euwen

Have patience with the young ones. They’ll get it eventually.

~ Mary Pat Whitaker

Naps. It’s all about the naps. ~ Liz Lemon

To get the most treats with minimum effort, gaze lovingly into humans’ eyes and do a quick head tilt coupled with a tail wag. Works every time!

~ Laurie Jimenez

Getting older is pretty great. You get more naps.

~ Tippi Blevins

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6 Responses to “Words of Wisdom From Our Elderbulls”
  1. ScottSwenson says:

    Don’t forget to pee on everything when on a walk, you don’t know when you will get to go that way again. Getting your ears cleaned by a pup is one of the simple pleasures of life. Yes, we are lapdogs…just a for bigger laps. Naps in the sun are good for the old bones. Speaking of old bones, never forget where you buried them so you can dig them up for a suprise treat. Most of all, look into my old hazy eyes and know that as much as you love me, I love you more.

    • StubbyDog says:

      ScottSwenson That’s so incredibly sweet. Thanks Scott!

      • ScottSwenson says:

        StubbyDog ScottSwenson Our current elder dog is an 8 year old DanePit-x. He rules the pack (5 dogs total) with a velvet paw, having learned how to from our previous elder dog, a red bone who crossed the rainbow bridge at 14. I think I’ve learned as much from them as they have from me:).One more thing to add from the elder dog: when I cross the rainbow bridge, please let my pack say goodbye as well. They need it as much as you do, it helps them transition to life without me. 

  2. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    There is such a loving sense of grace and dignity about an elderbull……kind of like your grandma.  Love my bubbe, Miss Diva.

  3. ChristineAnderson says:

    A chance is all I needed. Who saved who?