Our Ancient Bull

September 27, 2012  

After a painful past, an elderbull finds love and comfort

By Mary Pat Whitaker

We are proud parents of an “ancient bull.” This girl we affectionately call “Sunny Hunny Bunny Wiggle Butt” came to us as a medical foster. She had been bred repeatedly and was full of scars and tears, and came to our shelter with a huge gaping neck wound from a pinch collar. The wound was never treated and required surgery, which left her with a very large open wound that had to heal from the outside.

We don’t think she ever had a bed or had been inside, for that matter. We brought her home to a big fluffy bed, and she slept for almost 24 hours. There were times when we thought she wasn’t going to make it, but the resiliency of these dogs is amazing. She had given all she had to her offspring, and she was bony and had a terrible coat. Her teeth were worn down, and her eyes were dull. In the recuperative time, she never once growled or snapped when we had to pick her up to move her. She just winced in pain.

Well! After a year, she is still here and going stronger than ever. She is arthritic and walks stiffly, but she can really move when she wants to get somewhere – enough to make us laugh out loud at her determination. She has warmed up to humans and is on medication for all the pains she may have. Her neck has healed with a good size scar. She has gained weight and her coat is shiny and soft. She is a testament to the true nature of the pit bull.

We are sure that she will live out the rest of her life in major comfort. Fostering brought this lady to us, and we will always have a special place in our hearts for the elderbulls.

Editor’s Note: As this story went live, we were informed by Mary Pat Whitaker that Sunny passed away two weeks ago. This story is her tribute to Sunny, a dog that touched her life in a very special way. Our thoughts are with Mary Pat.

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17 Responses to “Our Ancient Bull”
  1. It’s hard not to shed a tear for Sunny Hunny Bunny Wiggle Butt (love the name) and many dogs like her.  Thank you for loving her and showing her  humans are friendly and capable of love.

    • StubbyDog says:

      theprettychic It’s true, but Sunny Hunny is safe and loved now and in the end, that’s all that matters to her and her people. Thanks kelli!

  2. DianaJones says:

    It takes special people to take on a wonderful pup like Sunny Hunny Bunny Wiggle Butt (best name ever!). She clearly looks happy on that lap. I hope you take solace in the fact that you helped this lovely soul spend her last days in comfort and loved, that is huge. My condolences. 

    • StubbyDog says:

      DianaJones We agree Diana, best name ever, and that Sunny Hunny was loved and safe with Mary Pat. Thank you. 

  3. GreggBarnes says:

    Im glad Sunny was able to spend the last year of her life healthy, and with a family that loved her. I was teary eyed just reading the story, learning that she had passed made me cry! Thanks for making her life all that it should have been!

  4. BetseyHench says:


  5. yayponies says:

    Just sobbing at my desk, as usual. Sweet sweet doggie, bless you for giving her such comfort and peace.

  6. BarbFerrentiAndrews says:

    Because of you Sunny lived the rest of her life happy and knowing she was loved.  Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story about a wonderful dog  ” with that wonderful name.”‘

  7. Sheiv001 says:

    Mary Pat,God bless.you for.loving this very special angel! For giving her peace, comfort, care, & love. If she could tell you that herself I’m sure she would. I know how devastating this loss is & regardless of how much we believe we are ready for that day, we never truly are.I’m so very sorry for your loss. I choose to believe she is with my recently passed pup. Restored to health & free of pain at the Rainbow Bridge.Hugs & kisses,Stacey

  8. Matt.S says:

    God Bless you for the Blessing you gave this beautiful soul! So many elderbull’s are discarded and ignored. You changed the world for this precious life, thank you! Run Free, Sunny.

  9. StubbyDog says:

     @Sheiv001 So sorry for your loss. We hope they are both romping together at the bridge. 🙂

  10. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    Mary Pat, you and your family are a blessing and have been rewarded with the loving memories of beautiful Sunny Hunny Bunny Wiggle Butt!  Just think of how much fun you’ll all have romping around together for eternity.  May the memories help to heal the pain until you’re together again.

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