June Bug

September 27, 2012  

StubbyDog’s Rescue Dog of the Week is sponsored by Zobo Pet Products, who will be giving away a free collar for every dog adopted through this program.

June Bug is a 4-year-old spayed female pit bull who lost her first home after being displaced by a Chihuahua (imagine that!) and owners who said they couldn’t take care of her because they had too many kids in the household to take care of.

She was surrendered to Austin Animal Center and being somewhat shy, finally on day 144 she was adopted by a couple that initially seemed very interested in providing a loving home for her.

However two months later she arrived back at the shelter as a stray, covered in fleas and severely underweight. Turns out her adopters really weren’t up for the task of being responsible dog owners.

They wouldn’t even come to reclaim her. Seeing her demise and her potential, during a space crunch she was pulled from the euth list by the Hard Luck Hounds, and has been patiently waiting her furever family again for the last 3 months.

June Bug is now boarded with the FM 685 Animal Clinic in Hutto where she recently completed heartworm treatment and was treated for an ear condition that was neglected by her first owner.

At the time she was pulled from the shelter her skin was a bit dry and flaky, she was still healing from flea bites, and being underweight we thought she demonstrated what may be some food allergies. With a hypoallergenic diet, and being out of the stress of the shelter, her coat is now rich and lustrous and she is very fit. June Bug is a mellow girl, having been through a lot but you would never know it – she’s just as sweet as can be.

June Bug has grown to be very friendly with other dogs, the vet staff say she has to greet all of the dogs that are brought in for grooming (her kennel is directly across from the groom station).

She loves all people and children she meets. She’s rather quiet and content and does not bark often and is happy to go for walks, go for a run, or just chill out.

She is superior riding in the car. She has waited a third of her life, so very long, for just one responsible furever home. She is now in tip top shape to ride off into the wonderful future that awaits her, whether that be with a single owner or with a family.
June Bug can be found on the Hard Luck Hounds website and is located in Austin, Texas.

As we say, she has come a long, long way baby–life surely must hold a golden egg for her.

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