August 30, 2012  

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At 13 days old Tally found herself at the emergency vet for an eye injury. Concern arose with the vet staff when the owners refused the treatment (and costs associated with) for her.

Over the next five months Tally would visit the emergency vet several more times. Finally enough evidence in terms of neglect and lack of care was gathered (thank you Ontario Animal Care laws) and Tally was taken from the negligent owners.

The shelter proved very overwhelming for this petite pocket pit, and rightly so. Tally’s life hadn’t been good to her thus far, so to deal with a different kind of stressful environment proved to be too much. She was already too skinny, yet refused to eat. Painfully scared of everything, she couldn’t bring herself to trust.

Enter rescue.

We promised Tally she would be okay. Promised her she would be safe and loved and it would all get better the second we walked out of the shelter doors. And it did!

Tally was placed in our most “well-seasoned” foster home. With patience of saints and several wonderful role model resident dogs we knew this would be the best spot Tally could begin to heal. And we could begin to fundraise to have that terribly injured eye removed.

What happened next was what we had hoped for (see Tally, we keep our promises), she blossomed! And continues to everyday!

The world is still big, and at times scary, but Tally is feeling better, has made knew friends, and is one of the most affectionate and snuggly kids we’ve had the pleasure of knowing. What is that saying . . .To err is human, to forgive (and forget!) is canine. Go Tally! Or, as per her name inspiration, “Tally HOOOO” Oh, and our rescue vet, Dr. AwesomeSauce as we like to call her, managed to SAVE Tally’s eye and avoid the surgery. She’ll never see out of it, but that doesn’t seem to bother her (plus the occasional bumping into things is kind of endearing).

Now comes the time to post Tally for adoption, a happy day in everyone’s books, except for the fact that we can’t keep her close and watch her grow up. Tally was rescued in Ontario, a province coming up on its seventh year of BSL. Based solely on Tally’s appearance and possible breed mix(es) she is not allowed to live/be alive. Those interested in adopting Tally must live outside the province of Ontario, or any other areas subject to BSL. To view her Petfinder profile click here. Tally is available through Ador-A-Bull Dog Rescue, in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia . If you are interested in adopting Tally please email info@ador-a-bull.com and you can also check them out on Facebook.

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2 Responses to “Tally”
  1. She’s gorgeous, and I’m so thankful for all the kind souls who came together to change this girl’s life. Imagining her, a tiny less-than-2-week-old baby with an eye injury that her “owners” wouldn’t pay to fix, well, it just breaks my heart. But it sounds like this girl is well on her way to the happy ending she deserves!xoxo, Chrissywww.TheLazyPitBull.com

  2. GreggBarnes says:

    She is so cute! I salute people that work so hard, donating time and money to help animals that have been neglected. I Wish I could adopt all of these animals!