Rescued Greenville Pit Bull to Fight Terrorism

August 16, 2012  

Reprinted with permission from WITN

A once abandoned puppy tied-up and left for dead in a warehouse in Greenville is preparing for a new life fighting terror overseas.

Binnie, a pit bull, is now a bomb sniffing dog and will head to Kenya in one week.

Michael Bullock of Greenville trains K-9s and found the dog in the same Greenville warehouse where he now trains Binnie to find explosives.

Bullock says he found Binnie in March tied to a wall with a wire, surrounded by boxes-and he could only see the dog’s nose. Bullock says he nursed Binnie back to health and within days he discovered he had a special talent. Bullock says, “We noticed that he liked to play ball. Wow, let’s see if he’ll hunt, retrieve, let’s see if he’ll be possessive. And sure enough he qualified in every area that we look for—-wow!!!”

Bullock started training Binnie to sniff out explosive materials, and now five weeks later, he’s at a level most dogs take 10 weeks to learn. Bullock says Binnie can now sniff out 13 different types of explosives.

Binnie’s abilities will take him to Africa. Kenyan officials contacted Bullock for handler training, but instead got a new best friend and well needed tool. K-9 security for Kenyan Airways will use Binnie to look for explosives at airports.

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One Response to “Rescued Greenville Pit Bull to Fight Terrorism”
  1. candycotton_06 says:

    Another hero emerging, this breed is so smart and loyal they sooooo want a job! Good for “Nose Work” a class that is taken in schools and as usual they excel @ what they choose to do, just give them a chance!!! And it gave Binnie a job!