Names for Pit Bull Mixes

August 24, 2012  

We know that many ‘pit bulls’ are mixes. So we asked our Facebook fans, ‘Have you come up with a “designer” name for your mix?’ One of our volunteers has an ‘Aussbull.’ Tell us yours.

Whether they are adorabull, lovabull or cuddly-abull, we don’t really care what they are made of because they are all made of love. Thanks everyone for sharing.

We have a Pitador up for adoption right now! (Labrador/pit bull mix.)

~ Ivy Cunningham

We had a pitmation, a pit bull and Dalmatian mix.

~ Tracy Bethel

Pitpoint (Pit bull/English Pointer).

~ Kay Lackey

Rare brindled blacknose.

~ April Fahr

I tell people my little blue pit bull girl is a purebred D.F.D. (damn fine dog!)

~ Kori Neilsen

I have a pit bull/American Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix that looks like a small Dogo Argentino. So I call him a Faux Dogo.

~ Liz Henderson


~ Brie Ann Lyn

When we adopted our dog, we were told that she was a pit bull/Dalmatian mix…so we called her a pitmation! Later we were told that she is actually a Dogo.

~ Kandy Cullers

I also have a “pitador,” also known as a “Labrabull.”

~ Stephanie N. Rotondo

One of our dogs is a pittibee, part pit, part beagle.

~ Barb Ferrenti Andrews

Labrabull. ~ Elizabeth Warnick Landrum

I just call him our “All American Mutt.”

~ Stephanie Caldwell

PitPointer was our sweetheart.

~ Anne Carol Hanley

Luna was listed as pit bull mix when we adopted her, but she doesn’t look it, we just call her “mystery meat.”

~ Cindy ‘Richter’ Haberman

Lenny is a “Thoroughbull.” He looks and runs like a horse. Graceful!

~ Sabra Lynn

I call Harley a “Parking Lot Special.” I literally found her in a parking lot when she was less than 7 weeks old. The vet told me she is probably a Pitador (Laborador/pit bull mix).

~ Kellie Crider

Our dog’s name is Coconut and when people ask us what kind of dog she is, we tell them a “Coconut Terrier.”

~ Sandy Koralis Golding

I have a pitador and a sharpbull (Shar Pei/pit bull mix).

~ Airy Zamora Morris

When we adopted our dog Shea, the shelter said he was a Heinz 57, part pit bull, Vizsla, perhaps some boxer, Rhodesian, Whippet? Who knows, but what I can say is that he’s 100 percent love and affection!

~ Rachel Harrison Massa

We, lovingly, call our Pitweiler a Twitweiler.

~ Sarah McDougald Kohn

I just say “WonderDog!”

~ Dave Workman

We’re not sure what Oscar is mixed with, so we just call him a Pit Hound.

~ Laura Flaherty


~ Sonja Vasquez


~ Liv Chaaban

We have a pit bull/boxer mix: Poxer? Or BoxBull?

~ Tom Tracy

My Kahlua is a pitahoula, or a catabull.

~ Julia Simmons

We have a Pitraner (Weimeraner) and a Boxbull (no explanation there!).

~ Judy Covert DiPaola

My dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Boston terrier mix, so we call her a Boston bull or a mini pit!

~ Maria Isabel Garcia

Pittaff. ~ Naomi End Bsl Williams


~ Scott Morgan

The dog that got my husband and myself into being dog trainers was American Staffordshire/Akita or AmStakita.

~ Robin Baizel

Mine is a pitador.

~ Sally Ashton Saunders

I call my pit bulls “purple noses” since that does not exist and idiot people try and put so much stock in the nose name, ha!

~ Rayden Fyre

Dogs. I call them dogs.

~ Kim Wolf

Labpitt or pittador retriever.

~ Amanda Catlett Miller


~ Chris Chisholm

I have a Vizslabull! (who is actually only a Vizsla, with an honorary pit bull distinction due to his mommy’s profession).

~ Laura Petrolino

Mine is a bull terrier/pit bull mix. That doesn’t leave me much room for a fun name.

~ Jacki Ristich

My Rottweiler/pit bull mix was a spoiled Rottenbull Terrier.

~ Elaine Swick Sims

Puca is a Staffibost-o-hund.

~ Rhett Nicks

Ours are called Monkeys.

~ Aleksandra Gajdeczka

We once had a Pitachshund (pit bull/dachshund mix. Don’t ask.)

~ Hana Lee

Cici is a Dal-bull also known as polka-dot princess.

~ CeliaSue Hecht

All-American shelter dog!

~ Crissy Wilson Tadlock

Actually, he’s a Choclabull.

~ Joy Watts

Our Dandy was a Harlequin great pit bull.

~ Colleen S Moore


~ Yvonne Bowe

Our Dalmatian/American Staffordshire was simply called a Snuggle Slut because she slept around with everyone in the household. Sweetest dog ever!

~ Kathy Derby

He’s a borderbull (border collie/American Pit Bull Terrier).

~ Erica Varlese

We have two, one pure pit bull goodness (Lucy Goose), and one Labrapit (Nova, a.k.a. Sooper and Wigglebutt). But really, they’re lions because they sleep 20-22 hours per day.

~ Cristina Falcon-Seymour

When people ask we say that he’s the “Every-dog”. As a Husky/Pitbull (Spitz/Mollaser) his genetics bring almost everything to the table.

~ Dave Johnson

Snugg-A-Bull! Part snuggles, part Labrador Mix.

~ Anthony Trott

Because we live in Onscario, we use the government’s terminology. Buddy is “substantially similar to a pitbull”.

~ Allison Rice

German shepbulll.

~ Diane Androvich

Our pitbull/boxer, Nika, used to grunt and oink like a pig. So, she was a PigBull.

~ Betsy Dunham

I have a purebred Dumbull Terrier, which is a (male) pit bull with a great sense of humor.

~ Jesslyn Barriault

When our brindle Shepbull mix followed me home and met our Apricot Standard Poodle, we didn’t know she was going into heat. We almost had Shepittiedoodles!!

~ Jennifer Burgis Mulherin

Bullit, bulldog pit…

~ Sarah Lhotak

My son calls our dog a pickle boxer.

~ Kellie Kasbee

Mia’s mom’s pregnancy was an “oopsie” on the owners being irresponsible and surprise! Mom was pregnant. I did have her DNA tested, though, and apparently she is a “Ameriwiss Mountain Bull” a.k.a. an American Pit Bull Terrier/Swiss Mountain Dog Mix!

~ Jill Ashley

Haha! We have a PigBull, too. I’m stealing that. He was a Pit Bull a moment ago, but now, oink oink…

~ Marieke Lewis

I have a Basenji/American Staffordshire Terrier. I usually call her Bastaffy or Sabenji.

~ Niko Navhainia

We have a pit bull retriever and a Heinz 57. The Heinz we’re not really sure what he is, it depends on what angle you look at him, so he’s a little bit of everything.

~ Chris Paterson

How about Bulltair?

~ Jo L Brown

Mine are simply love-a-bulls.

~ Sandy Marby-Davis

Labrabull or bullretriever.

~ Laurie Johnson Barnes

Our Heinz 57 is called a Kinardly because you kinardly tell what he is.

~ Marieke Lewis

My pit bull/boxer mix is a limited edition!

~ Christina Mahesse

My Jaime who is a mix of everything is a Mix-a-Bull.

~ Allisha Christianson

My son has a “greybull” or “greypit”, greyhound/pit bull.

~ Lois Wright

Mine is an American Pit Bull Terrier/Border Collie. He’s a Border Bull or as we affectionately call him, “Silly.”

~ Coralee Lack

PitHuaHua. Have had several!

~ Peggy Jennings

A Bullchowskiador? Pit bull/chow/husky/Labrador…we think…. Or Baby Bull because our 8-month-old uses the sweet boy as a jungle gym.

~ Amanda T.

Huskabull. (Husky/lab/pit bull)

~ Brenda K Vander Woude

At first I was told she was a bulloxer, but now we think she is a bullador.

~ Crystal Lowing

I have English pit bull or Bull pit, he’s English bull/American Pit Bull Terrier, I have two pit bull mixes with bat ears, two Staffordshire terriers and two American Pit Bull Terriers.

~ Lois Wright

We have a “pitlab!” However, she snorts like a pig, so we also call her the “pigbull.”

~ Leanette Kearns

We have a Pithuahua. His mom was a Pitfall, his Chihuahua daddy had more balls than brains, we suspect.

~ Anne Balduf

My male is the “North American Speckled S*#tbull” because when he was a puppy, I had never seen so much poop come from such a small thing. My female is a Gremlin/Tasmanian Devil cross because that’s what she sounds like when she plays.

~ Sadie Johnson

We have a boxer/pit bull mix and like to call her a box-o-bull.

~ Ginny McDougal

I have a German American Pit Bull shepherd.

~ Miranda Schuett Clark

Staffordshire mixed with whippet. We call her a fruitbat because that’s exactly what she looks like.

~ Joanne McHugh


~ Keli Turnbull

‎”Baltimore Mutt” since so many of the strays and dogs from our shelter, BARCS Animal Shelter, are pit bull mixes.

~ Jessica DeLeon

Mine is a kat-bull.

~ Jeffrey Piht Bull Quintavalle

I believe one of my girls is mixed with pig because she grunts a lot and has the same texture hair as a pig so she is a pig bull!

~ Holly Villegas-Gumbiner

Melvin is probably a Pitador or Labrador Pittriever, but not really sure. I call him an American Shelter dog, but he’s really my honey-bunny! He has a built-in tuxedo so he’s really for all formal occasions!

~ Shirley Alcamo

We have an American Bulldog/pit bull mix so we call her an AmeriBullPit. We also have a pit bull/boxer mix but we just call her spoiled ass rotten.

~ Jennifer Hensley

Our Flash is a shih tzu/pit bull mix. You can guess what he is called!

~ Mary-Anne Henderson-Lawrence


~ Patrick Curran


~ Joyce Konigmacher

Pit bull mixed with shih tzu : Bullsh*t.

~ Cindy Lacefield Schneider

Jersey City Special because he didn’t look like any of the other pit bull mixes in the shelter.

~ Morgan S. Gertler

Pound = pit bull/hound.

~ Melissa Victoria

Pittador, pit bull and Labrador mix.

~ Krista Seery

I have a chew-a-bull and a hog-a-bull.

~ Tonia Haynes

Pittle: pit bull/poodle.

~ Kim Gauger

Catahoula Bulldog.

~ Karyn Treibley

Citrus County Yard Dog, proud dog from a long line of Yard Dogs.

~ Alice Watson-Faith

And my other female pit is a little “special” so she is a spit.

~ Holly Villegas-Gumbiner

One is pit bull and English bulldog so we call her our English pit bull. The other is pit bull and greyhound so we call her a greypithound.

~ Gia Trapani

Not sure what Goliath is mixed with so he’s just a Cuddlebull!

~ Jen Ostrow

Shelter Special.

~ Laura Page


~ Lisa Williams

Pygmy Lab. A Labrador-Staffordshire Bull terrier mix. Sixty percent of pure muscle.

~ Brigitte Reed

Labrador and pit bull is a pittador because it has that “adore” sound.

~ Nocte Vena Cava

Airepit. Airedale and pit bull.

~ Susan Fariss

We call Badger a powder puff pit bull because he resembles a pit bull, but has a medium length coat.

~ Ike Mao

Labrapitbulltriever (Labrador and pit bull mix).

~ April Dooley

We have a rescued “pure-bred” pit-weiler! She is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen!

~ Kelly Kempke-Knueppel

My family calls me a Pocket Pit because I’m petite.

~ Peaches the “Pit Bull”

My girl is a Pittleji (Pit bull/Cattle Dog/Basenji)

~ Molly Kennedy

I have a Pitador. (Labrador/pit bull mix)

~ Kristy Bell

My Bubba Blue is a BullBoxonTerrier (don’t really know what he is… but the vet says boxer, I think Boston terrier and strangers say pit bull!)

~ Hali Henson

Dalmabull! Adorable, smart, hyper (even at 12) but trouble!

~ Rebekah Yusko

No, but we were joking about making them into the newest craze of designer dogs, the “pitoodle” for Halloween!

~ Elyse Allen

We have two purebred Staffordshire girls who snort, so we too refer to them as PigBulls!

~ Nicole Strunk

BoxBull. Pittrrever.

~ Linda Mondini Wall

I call her a bunny-bear, which used to drive my boyfriend crazy, but I catch him calling her bunny all the time now. She’s all white and saunters like a polar bear and hops like a rabbit when she’s excited, hence the new breed name.

~ Betty Woodward

Siberian Pitoxhund. (Husky, American Staffordshire, boxer, and Dachshund.)

~ Sandra Smith

Yep, my girl is a Pointing Great Bernard.

~ Colleen Seeley

Yes, she’s a pit bull/mastiff bulldog= Pitibull!

~ Tammy Thomas

We have a labradoon, a daryneez, a pomerland and a pure pit bull.

~ Linda Taylor

I call a friend’s pup a “chihuabull” (pronounced chi-wobble) since she looks like a pit-chihuahua mix to me.

~ Lisa Milot

My dog’s name is Porkchop and she was adopted in Alabama. So she’s my little Alabama ChopChop.

~ Meagan Ashley Thomas


~ Morgan Sowell

You know, I hadn’t really thought about it before but now that you mention it, mine would be a Pippet – pit bull and whippet! Piper the Pippet. It’s kind of perfect.

~ Danni St Athens

Never thought about it, mine is half Labrador, half pit bull. LabraBull maybe.

~ Andrew Coldren

My neighbor has a chi-pit mix. I call her a Chia-pit (chia pet).

~ Lisa Killian Wayne

Krush, I believe is, mixed with a Boxer, Rhodesian ridgeback and pit bull! Our designer name for him would be… drum roll… Rhoboxbull, just made that up…hilarious.

~ Kelli Parker

I have! Beefcake is pit bull/chow/shar pei/Labrador so when someone asks what he is I tell them he’s an experimental breed called the Chinese Hu Tu Chi Kang. According to a cheesy online translator that means silly, muddled, red fierce dog.

~ Mary Mangling

‎”Kenwood” as in kenwood mixer. That’s what a greens calls his.

~ Danielle Attwood

No idea what the other half of Addie is, but I’d guess lab and German shepherd/half pit bull. I call her a German Pitador.

~ Melinda Dyson

We call our Bailey Bobcat a ‘Pit-box-ridge’. He’s part pit bull, part boxer, and part ridgeback…and all perfect.

~ Vicki Liston

Pit bull+shar pei= sharpit or pit pei?

~ Steph Sennott Gomez

American pitador retriever or American pitador terrier depending on whether they retrieve or chase small furries.

~ Amanda Clase

Rhobull (Rhodesian ridgeback and pit bull), sometimes when were feeling really silly he’s a “pitdgeback.

~ Candice Kinsey-Zeller

I work at a shelter and we have had a few pit bull mixes that look all pit bull, only comparatively petite. They have been mixed with beagle, Basset, French bulldog etc. I call them all “pocket pits.”

~ Katie Harness

Bulliscious! All bully breeds apply.

~ Melissa Coakley

My Labrador/bull terrier is a Labull.

~ Paul Beausejour

Boxapit and Staffoback hound.

~ Erika Molnar

Tatum is a pit bull/Catahoula mix, so he would be a pitahoula or a catabulla!

~ Diane Twitchell

I like to call our Roxy a chow-pit-pei, (chow, pit, shar-pei) it sounds pretty classy if you say it fast.

~ Lori Brockman


~ Kari Kirby

Remi is English bulldog and boxer (we think). We call her an English bulloxer, but when I looked it up apparently she is a designer breed! They’re called a valley bulldog!

~ Danielle Childs Breach

Nina’s a snorter, so I tell people she’s a Pigbull. There’s also a good deal of Snugglehound in her, but she’s mostly American Shelter Dog.

~ Laura Cooke

Labrabull or Pitador for a Labrador/pit bull.

~ Katy Ford

Mama’s first pit bull is our elderbull, Rocky. He is a 14-year-old pit bull/Dachshund mix that we refer to a “Pit-Weenie.” He has Napoleon syndrome.

~ Willow Pedano

Babe is an itty-bitty pretty and pitty, or ChowPit retriever. Her mom was a pit bull and her dad a Labrador Chow mix. I’m not sure why she is so small but she is only 20 inches tall and from her rump to her nose is 36 inches?

~ Angela Reynolds LaWall

Pitty pei…part pit bull, part shar pei.

~ L.a. Geer

I’ve always wanted to coin “chulls” the classic Rez dog…Chow/pit bull!!!

~ Lara Stonesifer

We call ours a mini Great Dane-a-Bullterrier! As you can probably guess he is Great Dane/English Bull Terrier. He ends up looking like a mini Dane but so many people think he is a pit bull even when standing next to my full American Pit Bull Terrier, which he looks nothing like.

~ Kate Lanier

Not a breed name, but we have a white pit bull, who we call a Wizzle, in izzle language.

~ Maureen Davis

I call one of mine a “PigCow.” He walks around constantly snorting and he’s like a cow so, he’s a pigcow.

~ Kathy Fleagle

A “greybull?” A greyhound/pit bull, but really just a snugabull.

~ Mary Horvath

My girl Pita is a “Piggle.” Pit bull/beagle mix. Miles was a Labrabull Shepthing, a Labrador/pit bull/German Shepherd Dog/who knows what.

~ Wren End Bsl Kellogg

I don’t know what my pit bulls are mixed with, but we have a Basset hound/mastiff cross that we call a “Bastiff.”

~ Naomi Toso Rajsky

Maya is a pit bull/Catahoula mix…Her designer name is “pitahula.”

~ Kelly Boyles

The lovable fur-baby I hope to be approved for adopting later this week is a “shar-pit.”

~ Holly Haire

Our Emma is mixed with bull terrier. She is pretty bossy and picks on her big brothers so we call her the “Pt Bull Terrorist”. She can be so sweet when she wants to be though.

~ Gloria Basile


~ Jen Germann

Shiz Tzu mixed with pit bull. The “sh*tty-pitty.” Actually met this cross. Not so cute.

~ Ranaye Kahn

We call ours “AdoptaBULLs.”


Before we had Satchmo DNA tested, we called him a “labulldor pitriever.” If we said it fast enough people would nod and say, “Ah, yes.” Now we’d have to call him a “Germerican mastaff.” (German Shepherd Dog, American Staffordshire Staffordshire Terrier, Mastiff)

~ Susan Tyler McPhee

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13 Responses to “Names for Pit Bull Mixes”
  1. GracesMama says:

    Right this moment,I’m awaiting my beautiful Shar-Pit:) I got picked to be the one who loves her and spoils her.YAY!

  2. Tonya in flight says:

    I have a pit kangaroo mix.  I swear.  He was our little foster puppy, who kept growing, and growing.  We adopted him and he kept growing.  His tail is long and strong and his feet are huge.

  3. starscreeam says:

    One of our guys is a bibble, boxer/pit mix. 

  4. GracesMama says:

    StubbyDog She’s such a good girl.She settled right in and started holding the furniture down.Lol

  5. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    The rescue group told me my Diva is an American Bulldog/Pittie mix…….but, if Kori Neilsen doesn’t mind, I’m gonna use the “purebred D.F.D.,” cuz Diva is truly one “damned fine dog!”

  6. LisaHarperShaffmaster says:

    My Sophie is a purebred, Cornwall Shorthair Terrier. This ancient breed was used in the early days of tin mining in western England and Wales to clear the narrow mineshafts of vermin before the miners would lower themselves into the narrow, often hand dug tunnels. 😉 How our beautiful Sophie came to be running loose on the streets of North Philadelphia must remain a mystery. Fortunately, we were able to return a dog as special as Sophie to her rightful place in society.

  7. RebeccaLovelandAnastasio says:

    Right now we have a “Shar Pit”, some sort of pit hound cross (possibly Visla) – a “Bull Hound”, a “Border Bull”, and what we think my we a pure American Bulldog, but they are all rescues, so who can say?

  8. HayleyJeanne says:

    We have a Rottbull Ridgeback! She’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pitbull, and Rotty! And she’s the most beautiful dog I’ve ever had!!!

  9. mac_naughton says:

    Yes, my pit bull bunny rabbit.  It always makes a person smile if they get any hesitation when Pit comes out of my mouth.  With ears like hers and her hopping ability, I don’t know what else it could be!