Former Vick Dog Wins Gund Stuffed Animal Contest

August 30, 2012  

By Leslie Smith, as first posted on Dogtime on Aug. 28, 2012

It’s official: Earlier this week, Gund toy company announced results from its recent photo contest. Jonny Justice, a former Michael Vick dog, received the most votes by the public in its Most Beautiful Dog category. Judges then went on to deem him the overall Gund Top Dog grand prize winner. What does it mean? Jonny Justice‘s likeness will live forever as a Limited Edition plush pet.

Maybe he’s not as famous (yet) as other canine icons like Lassie or Rin Tin Tin, but I get the sense this real life champ will ultimately emerge as America’s dog. His story is as unlikely as it is compelling: Jonny and his fellow survivors rose above expectations and dissolved prejudices, quietly proving that resilience and forgiveness are the true marks of heroism.

Tough to predict who the next generation will choose to idolize and emulate. My hope, though, is that the legacy of Jonny Justice becomes as much a cultural reference as Atticus Finch or Superman. And toy stores everywhere will send the millions of unsold Michael Vick action figures back to the manufacturer. Perhaps to be melted down and made into eco-friendly poop bags.

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16 Responses to “Former Vick Dog Wins Gund Stuffed Animal Contest”
  1. FPHScutie815 says:

    I know someone who gave her pittie a michael vick action doll as a chew toy…I thought that was a good use!

  2. Sheiv001 says:

    The poop sack is the only appropriate use of anything associated with or that brings financial gain to Michael Vick. I find him a poor excuse for a human being. The survivor’s of his cruelty are amazing & deserve tremendous happiness. I could not be more pleased for this furry hero. He has more grace & compassion then Vick.can even comprehend!

  3. adoremydogs says:

    Where do I get my Jonnie Justice plush pet!!   What a handsome dude!!
     KUDOS to Cris Cohen, BADRAP, and everyone else involved in the rescue of Vick’s victims. 
    I can think of another appropriate use of the ConVick dolls….melt them into those life-like piles of poop sold as gag gifts.  Gag is right!!

  4. Matt.S says:

    I want one!

  5. willowwonderbull1 says:

    I Gotta Getta Jonnie Justice Gund!!!  That is so Pawesome!  I already posted a “Thank you” on Gund’s FB page for picking Jonnie regardless of hid breed!  I thought that was a Bold…but fabulous, move on their part!  Thank you Gund! And Congratulations to Jonnie Justice!!!

    • StubbyDog says:

      willowwonderbull1 We agree Willow, so bold, so fantastic! Thanks for telling Gund, and we are all so excited for Jonny!

  6. Judithg says:

    I love this!  I must have one!  Will Gund donate a portion of their proceeds toward rescue?  I will suggest it along with my deep gratitude for their choosing Jonnie Justice.

    • StubbyDog says:

      Judithg We don’t know about the proceeds Judith, but what an amazing suggestion to Gund. The plush toys will be available next year.

  7. barbaraleeanderson07090 says:

    Me too, me too…..gotta getta Jonny Justice Gund!!!  And I second the sentiments that part of the proceeds support rescue, particularly pittie rescue.

  8. ardensul77 says:

    That is just awsome that this wonderful Dog rose above all the termoil brought into his life, I am just waiting now for the Michael Vick chew toy, so my 5 Pits can have it……

  9. Matt.S says:

    Is it 2013 yet? I want my Jonny Justice Gund!