Forced Sacrifices

August 15, 2012  

In order to find housing that allows their pit bull, this military family must live far from base

By Jessica Mahoney

My husband is in the Air Force, and we adopted Bologna, an American Pit Bull Terrier, in Belgium in October of 2007. When we got orders to go to Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii in 2010, Bologna came with us. Instead of a five-minute bicycle ride to work, my husband has to commute almost an hour just so we can have a home with our best friend.

Because of how far away we are from base and my husband’s schedule at the fire department, our kids only see their daddy every other day. If we lived on base, we could have lunch or dinner with him every day. The hardest part about where we live is that our 2-year-old daughter watches and waits for her daddy to come home, all day long. It absolutely breaks my heart that she asks for her daddy so many times throughout the day. If we lived on base, we could see him a whole lot more. But, because Bologna is discriminated against simply because of his breed, we live an hour away.

Bologna is almost 10 years old. He has a bad limp and spends most of his time snoozing on the couch while he watches his little brother and sister play. He loves his walks and jumping in the pool. But most of all, he loves his family and his family loves him.

Sign the petition to standardize military pet policies. Visit Dogs on Deployment for more info.

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30 Responses to “Forced Sacrifices”
  1. JanetHill says:

    Thank you for loving Bologna and doing what you have to to keep him in your family. I am sure you are rewarded daily.

    • StubbyDog says:

      JanetHill We are sure too Janet, those photos tell the story of a loving family who consider their dog a member of that family.

  2. millermorgan says:

    Thank you, thank you. I would do the same.  My animals stay with me, no matter what.

  3. ReneeMKeller says:

    What a beautiful sacrifice you are making for Bologna!!!  Thank you so much!!!  

  4. EricaR says:

    way to go!! i am personally proud of anyone who does that for their animal. I did it for mine. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not a big deal, because it is a big deal.. Your one of a small community of people who actually kept their pet during a transition in the military. 

    • StubbyDog says:

      EricaR Thanks Erica, many people don’t understand that it is difficult because the military doesn’t make it easy for the families. we are sure Jessica appreciates the support and kind words.

  5. avegas72 says:

    I would do anything for my girl too!Your hearts are Golden!

  6. CarlaHubrightAlvis says:

    Thank you for not leaving him. We are there family and they know and miss us when we are gone. Then they will wait or die from a broken heart or worse. You are truely blessed people.

  7. I’m sorry. I know this must be so hard, but Thank you so much for not abandoning him. So glad you didn’t dump Bologna at the shelter. ♥ I’m definitely signing the petition.

    • StubbyDog says:

      mizcaliflower thank you for signing. You can see from the photos what a huge part of this family’s life Bologna is.

  8. JanetHill says:

    It is a shame that our military families are already making such tremendous sacrifices to protect us and then we ask them to make more sacrifices like giving up a family member. Disgusting.

    • StubbyDog says:

      JanetHill We agree Janet, please show your distaste for this policy by signing the petition above. Maybe things will change for those sacrificing so much already. Thank you.

  9. JanetHill says:

    I signed it and have shared it with all my friends. We are all military and animal supporters.

  10. ChristyCupp says:

    I wish we could form a DADT policy for our pups. I commend you on keeping Bologna though, I know alot of families who would have adopted out their dog in a situation like this. 

  11. smagdanz says:

    i wish i could change the story, and have your family togetherthank you for remaining loyal to your dog

  12. PittieMom says:

    Signed. No one should have to give up a family member.

  13. KristyBohling says:

    Signed. In the same boat. Have a pit bull mix with severe hip dysplasia and we have a hard time finding housing even off post here at ft Campbell but we found something. Definitely not luxury but we can keep my first baby. Acquired 3 more along the way but they could live on post. Not fair cuz my German shepherd is way more aggressive but she would be allowed even though she is trained to attack if needed.

  14. KristyBohling says:

    The thing that makes me the most mad about the military breed ban is that pit bulls were actually military working dogs during WWI and WWII and Korean war. They were considered heroes back then and now cuz there are a lot of bad pit owners out there the breed only becomes known for that. Pit bulls served our country and now our country turns its back on them. It really makes me wonder how bad it is for our veterans trying to get the benefits they’ve earned. What a shame and how hypocritical of the military.

    • StubbyDog says:

      KristyBohling We agree, our site is named after Sgt. Stubby, but more importantly, we don’t feel soldiers should have to sacrifice any more than they already do.

  15. ShawnaHamel-Wigginton says:

    Our Pittie is just as mellow as they come.  We live on Kadena AFB in Okinawa and they changed the pet policy back in October of last year.  Thankfully our guy was grandfathered in and we were allowed to keep him.   I feel that Military bases should temperament test all dog perceived as ‘dangerous’ on an individual basis…  

    • StubbyDog says:

      ShawnaHamel-Wigginton We would want all dogs to be treated equally, despite their looks, but if temperament testing would allow pit bull type dogs to stay on base, we would be all for it.

  16. CorkyLloyd says:

    OK.  The Dept of Defense does not have the funds to do a temperment test on all dogs that are percieved to be dangerous.  This is our reality.  After 26 years 6 of which I not only wore the uniform but was a wife as wel I know we sacrife daily.  Do I agree with this regulation……yes and no.  Better safe than sorry.  If you love your animal as I love mine(Rottweiler) I will choose to live off base.  This way my butt is covered as far as liability reasons.  Also we all know that not all dogs are trained properly.  And if any dog were to harm any member in my family… is ON.  So as much as it sucks it is a choice we make when we adopt any pet really.  What if next base has long term quarantine?  What about cost of flight?  I am sure you all get my meaning.  My furbabies are my babies and where I go they go.  If I cannot live on base.  OH well.  Being military is all about giving up what civilians would never dream of

    • StubbyDog says:

      CorkyLloyd We would argue that military families shouldn’t have to give up their pets. Most think of pets as family members, and we truly want all dogs to be treated the same, whether it’s a Lab or a pit bull mix. Thank you for your perspective.

    • JanetHill says:

      CorkyLloyd Thank you for your many years of service

  17. JeffreySlocum says:

    I understand what you are saying here I would not give up my little girl for anybody. And I understand where the army is coming from I was in before the band came in . I can only say what went on at fort hood. We had big dogs that where raising cain on post was it the “kids” fault not all the time. I blame the owners . But it only takes one bad apple to ruin it for everybody.

  18. avegas72 says:

    American Pitbull terriers have a passing score of 86% on a temperament test, which is better than some other  dog breeds. Any owner can have their dog temperament tested. There are always solutions to problems, people just have to be willing to find it.BSL is not a solution.

  19. Jessic says:

    Hi, did you try housing at the naval base? I know we almost got orders to Hawaii and they had no problem with our akita. I would call and ask also the pet policies are individual to each privatized housing company on base. Good luck.

  20. Chreryl says:

    Thank you for loving Bologna and for teaching your children not only to have compassion, love, and kindness, but to honor their commitments and dedicate themselves to those they love even when it might be easier not to.