A Full Heart

August 21, 2012  

Follow StubbyDog into the field, as our volunteer web manager helps with vaccinations at a local rescue

By Ingrid Fromm

I have been volunteering with StubbyDog from the start. I love it because the stories, fans, and those devoted to rescuing dogs and pit bulls in particular are such amazing people. But before I started with StubbyDog I knew some amazing people too. Martha Baquero is one of those people.

I met Martha at North Shore Animal League when I was a web manager and she was a veterinary technician. Fast forward a year or two and we were both living in New Jersey. Martha started her own business, More Than a Walk, with her fiancé David Wellington, a veterinarian. She pet sits, walks dogs, and together they do at-home veterinary care (including euthanasia). Martha mentioned to me that she wanted to do some community outreach and asked if I could help. They had some canine vaccinations and wanted to vaccinate dogs at a shelter or rescue. I contacted Beth Cruz of Shelter Showcase (another organization I volunteer for), and Beth got Martha and David connected with Eleventh Hour Rescue. Its mission statement reads, “Focusing on saving Death Row Dogs from kill shelters; fostering them in a home; providing them with all the love and medical attention they require until they find their forever homes; educating the community about the animal over population problem and the importance of spaying and neutering.”

Two weeks ago, the three of us went to the Eleventh Hour Rescue’s kennels in Randolph, N.J., to vaccinate some dogs. My job was to take photos, which was incredibly difficult with these super friendly, always moving dogs. I had also brought a big bag of dog toys and leashes that Murphy no longer needed. These toys came in handy distracting the dogs from getting their shots.

I had seen Martha’s caring, loving nature with animals when we worked at the same place. She’s one of those people that you immediately like and are richer for knowing. David is her perfect compliment. He is also incredibly caring, and his technique and bedside manner with the dogs was absolutely amazing.

Some of the dogs were scared and had to be muzzled – which I sympathize with as I have to do the same with my dog – others were so ridiculously friendly, they just wanted to give kisses and get some loving.

They got rabies, distemper, dewormers and bordatella, or some combination of those. David made the whole process quick and painless for the dogs as Martha assisted.

I was not only incredibly impressed by David and Martha, but also the staff at Eleventh Hour Rescue. Cathy and Kat were handling the dogs, and they both knew so much about each one. I fell in love with a pair called Sweetness and Blue, they were a couple and shared a kennel. Kat said it was so cute when they would snuggle with each other – two loving pit bulls that they hope to be adopted together.

It was obvious that this small rescue does an amazing job, and they should be commended for that. The love and devotion to helping these dogs get into loving, forever homes was evident. And because Martha and David generously devoted their time, skills and vaccinations, 20 dogs did not have to go to the vet, which is normally done by the volunteers there and is very time consuming. We were able to do all that in a few hours time.

So what should we all take away from this experience? Well, it’s easy to volunteer in some way. Whether it is walking dogs, bringing toys, leashes, towels or other things to shelters and rescues, or if you have some skills that is needed; for me it’s web work, and for Martha and David, it’s vet care. It didn’t take a lot of time, and so many dogs benefitted from it. Consequently, there was more time for the people at the rescue to spend doing other things for the dogs.

Think of it as a kind of Butterfly Effect. Each act of giving, no matter how big or small, ripples into a better world for the dogs. And, honestly, that’s all we really want.

I love volunteering and am lucky to do so. The people that devote their time to helping dogs and cats are amazing people to know. Even if I have to get a real job some day, I will still volunteer in some way or another. Volunteering may not fill my bank account, but I know it fills my heart and soul.

You can follow More Than a Walk and Eleventh Hour Rescue on Facebook.

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6 Responses to “A Full Heart”
  1. PUPDogRescue says:

    “Think of it as a kind of Butterfly Effect. Each act of giving, no matter how big or small, ripples into a better world for the dogs. And, honestly, that’s all we really want.” LOVE this, thank you for the post and all that you do!

  2. Matt.S says:

    Love this! You & all the volunteers in this story are whats right with animal wellfare. I so admire those who just give with no agenda. Thank you, Ingrid.