Three’s a Charm

July 3, 2012  

After successfully fostering two pit bulls, the author is ready to become a failed foster with number three

By Kerri Ewing

I always thought I could never foster. I would often volunteer to walk dogs or play with them on weekends, but I always thought fostering would be way too hard and that I’d never be able to let them go after forming a strong bond with them. Then, I started to get more and more involved with the San Diego pit bull rescues and volunteered to be part of Pit Bull Rescue San Diego‘s intake team. We ended up taking in a litter and a mom and were able to meet the adorable pit bull puppies when they were a week old. Several volunteers, including myself, formed the “Puppy Crew” and would visit the puppies and the mom about once a week to help socialize them all. As you could imagine, we all formed strong bonds with the bunch and came up with nicknames for them all. I formed the biggest bond with a hefty white-furred boy nicknamed “Chunk.” Chunk was playful and would always crawl up onto my lap for cuddles. Once they were old enough and ready for fosters, I considered fostering Chunk, but still decided I could not do it. However, somehow his foster fell through and he was suddenly in need of a foster home. At that point, I decided to give it a shot.

It was an amazing experience to watch him grow and develop into a wonderful dog. He was my buddy. Everyone in my family loved him. He was athletic but also loved to just relax and cuddle. My brother had taught him how to skate on a skateboard, and he loved it! I ended up fostering him for about a month before he was adopted. It was hard, but at the same time, it was the most rewarding experience. I was able to help save a puppy and see him find an amazing new home. His adopters were great, and he’s now living the spoiled life! They often call me when they need a dog sitter. It’s a great feeling to know that you helped save a dog’s life, and now that the dog is adopted, you can go help save another. That feeling alone makes it all worthwhile!

After Chunk, I went on to fostering Haydn from Even Chance. Haydn was the greatest. We would often have girls’ night, and I’d paint her nails and we’d watch chick flicks (ha ha). She was one of those dogs that looked quite intimidating to some people, but once they got to know her, they loved her. She was gentle and absolutely adored other dogs, cats and people … especially children. She had the biggest pit bull smile and was always happy. At that point, I was considering getting a dog of my own. I seriously considered adopting her, but she had an application in from an awesome family that I knew she’d be extremely happy with. She now lives on the beach with a loving family and two cat siblings. I also keep in touch with her adopters and get to see her often. She is so happy, so it makes me incredibly happy to see that!

After Haydn was adopted, I fostered Sugar. Sugar was only 1 year old and was brought in with 11 puppies. We’d go visit her and the puppies, and Sugar and I bonded instantly. She was shy and still so young, but gentle and incredibly sweet. I decided to foster her, and after a couple weeks, she was perfectly comfortable in my house. She was my true partner in crime. I would take her to training classes, and she is going to take her Canine Good Citizen certification test. I fostered her for about five months before she got in an application. At that point, I was ready to have a dog and knew she was the one for me. I ended up adopting her. She is the silliest, sweetest girl, and I couldn’t be happier with her!

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5 Responses to “Three’s a Charm”
  1. Love the feel good story such as this! It’s difficult to make the decision of whether to foster or not however, once you do it you couldn’t imagine not fostering.  It’s difficult to watch them go but the happy stories make you feel so good!

  2. ReneeMKeller says:

    Love her beautiful smile!!!

  3. AliciaAnthonyBaldwin says:

    Chunky Monkey is the best!! I miss that goofy boy! Haydn is such a sweet girl, making friends wherever she goes 🙂  And someday Sugar might become my doggy daughter-in-law … if Ozzie ever decides to settle down 😉

  4. They all look like fantastic dogs! I could see myself falling in love with all of them, too. 🙂 Sugar’s pictures are too cute! 

  5. rn4pitbulls says:

    We love you Kerri!!! Great job girl and Sugar really is as sweet as pie!!!