The Week in Review

July 24, 2012  

By Laura Petrolino, VP of Operations

Well, the last week has been a whirlwind of activity and events in the canine world. Some of it wonderful and inspiring, and some of it rather tragic and disarming. I could probably write 100 blog posts trying to reflect on all of the recent events, but this one will at least serve as a start, compiling many and setting the groundwork for several related posts down the road.

First, sadly we must announce that a member of the StubbyDog family is no longer with us. Lovely Omega, the dog of our volunteer managing editor Micaela left this world last weekend. Omega was a wonderful example of a true StubbyDog. An ambassador to the outside world and an irreplaceable addition to her family. Micaela put together this beautiful video of Omega, and we wanted to share it as a tribute to her.

Next some happy news from Iowa. Most of you are familiar with the heart-breaking case of disabled Vietnam veteran and retired Chicago police officer, James Sak. In 2011, the city of Aurelia, Iowa told Officer Sak that his service animal, a “pit bull” named Snickers, was not permitted in Sak’s home because of the city’s discriminatory dog laws banning “pit bull” dogs.

Luckily, this story has a very happy ending! After nearly one year of taxpayer-funded legal battles that escalated to the federal level, the city council of Aurelia, Iowa, opted to settle and allow Officer Saks to keep Snickers. You can read more about the details of the case from Animal Farm Foundation HERE.

And you must watch this wonderful video of the reunion between the two:

More great news comes from North Beach, where the city council voted unanimously to amend a town ordinance regarding dangerous dogs. The ordinance had previously specifically banned pit bulls in North Beach. The revised measure prohibits “dangerous animals.” Read more about this victory HERE.

Now on to some fun announcements and some generous offers from StubbyDog supporters:

One of our amazing supporters, Tess Purvis, owner of the fabulous Etsy shop Mina’s Tail, has made a limited-edition leash set just for Stubby (like really limited, there are only six!). All proceeds will be donated to us!

Read about the inspiration behind the leash set from Tess herself:

“When we started making dog collars and coats, it was not with the intention of selling them. We made them for ourselves and our friends, and our summer day camp kids would make them as fundraisers. Our most requested set, the ‘Grab and Go’ leash set was created out of desperation. It seemed the simple way to get a leash on a wiggly dog and get out the door. Then we discovered Etsy and started selling them online. Don’t misunderstand, we still love our local craft fairs, but we can sell on Etsy in our bathrobe. Gotta love that! Then, we were inspired by some of our favorite Etsy shops (especially Original Sock Dogs) to find a way to give back to our favorite organizations.

Of course StubbyDog was our clear choice for the charity collar. We love how they promote the bully breeds in a positive manner. It is our go-to place for information, support and those wonderful uplifting stories. The model for this collar is our own StubbyDog mutt from the pound, Chiyome. Chiyome is our homework supervisor, snack taste tester and library time pillow. Then, someone in town decided our girl “looked like a pit bull” and drug out the regulations prohibiting pit bulls at childcare facilities. The kids were truly upset that someone would ban their sweet Chiyome just because of what she looks like. Seriously folks, if a third grader can tell you it’s stupid, then why can’t adults figure it out? We immediately RAN to the StubbyDog website for advice and a shoulder to cry on. While the whole situation is still working itself out, it has become clear to everyone involved that the regulations do not reflect the spectrum of dog personalities, regardless of their DNA. We have the StubbyDog community to thank for lending us support and finding information.

Thank you to StubbyDog for allowing us, in a very small way, to give back to an organization that has given us so much. The kids are already selecting the fabric for next month’s collar. If my missing sundress is any indication, it’s going to be fabulous!”

Thanks Tess!

Next, a great opportunity to have a discounted professional photo session of your dog with proceeds going to StubbyDog. The marvelous Jeanne Taylor, is offering a “Reverse Breed Discrimination” special offer. Read more about how you can make your pup a super model in the flyer below!

We will have some more pretty exciting announcements from both The Cotton Factory and Sirius Republic Collars coming soon on how you can outfit yourself and your furry friends, all while helping us raise funds to support our work.

Thank you to everyone in our community, I’ve said it often, but it can’t be said often enough … your passion and commitment is what makes StubbyDog effective! It is through the work of our united communitiy that we ARE and will continue to make a difference for our dogs! Thank you!

I’ll leave you with this great video from Animal Farm Foundation, which serves as a nice and needed reminder that the overwhelming majority of “pit bull” dogs live perfectly wonderful lives in everyday homes with everyday families. As AFF reminds us, “No doom and gloom. Just daily dog routines with people they adore and who love them right back. Do you love your dog and does he or she love you? You are not the exception, YOU ARE THE RULE! Getting lost in this crowd feels pretty good.”

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5 Responses to “The Week in Review”
  1. I love that final video. I can’t wait until I own a pit bull and can give my picture to similar projects! 

  2. PittieMom says:

    Micaela, I am so sorry for your loss. From your video it looks like Omega was a sweet girl who lead a happy, fullfilling life with you. You were both lucky to have found each other. And when it’s time, go out there and save another angel…

    • micaelamyers says:

      PittieMom – Thank you! We were very lucky to have Omega in our lives. We are indeed going to rescue another dog in her honor.

  3. Judithg says:

    Oh Omega was a love!  Thanks for sharing her lovely life with us.  As a pitbull mama, I understand your love of this breed.  They are wonderful.

    • micaelamyers says:

      Judithg Thank you for watching the video and posting. They are indeed wonderful.