The Love of My Life

July 16, 2012  

An elderbull slips into the hearts of a grieving couple and makes their family once again complete

By Jill Paukstis

I write this story in honor of Jezebel, the love of my life. She died back in May of 2011. She was not a pit bull, but she led me down a path to where I would meet Sachi – a 9-year-old pit bull who I now realize is yet the other love of my life.

When Jezebel died, a large part of me died. I cried and cried for months and months. Weekends were especially difficult because Jezebel went everywhere with me, and I felt so alone without her. I could not heal.

I realized that I needed some level of engagement with dogs in my life to make me happy again, though I was not prepared for adopting another dog (or so I thought). I saw a cross-post on Facebook of a beautiful, elderly pit bull that was in rescue at a vet clinic. Her name was Sachi. She had been pulled from animal control about eight months earlier. Prior to being rescued, she was loaded with mammary tumors, was not fixed, had no teeth, lived outside tethered to a chain-link fence with only sporadic bouts of food and water given to her, and was severely neglected. At some point this little red-nosed pit bull chewed her self to freedom – so she thought. Animal control picked her up and contacted the owner. The owner wanted nothing more to do with her and told them to “take care of her.”

It’s a Pittie Rescue (IPR) stepped in and rescued her and placed her in a foster home. Unfortunately, Sachi’s foster home did not work out and she was given back over to IPR where she had to be boarded. She was walked regularly and given lots of love at the rescue. The volunteers all loved her, but Sachi was not good with other animals. In order to get Sachi out of boarding, she needed to be placed in a home with no other dogs. Everyone from the rescue had multiple dogs they were already fostering. No one fit the bill. This obviously was not a good sign for Sachi. Living in boarding was diminishing to her health. She became severely depressed and did not want to eat.

This is where the Facebook cross-post came in. The post was seeking more volunteers to help out and walk her. IPR hoped that by getting her out on even more walks than they already did, it would help her spirits. She was almost 9 years old at this point and just did not deserve this bad deck of cards she had been dealt for so long. I filled out an application to volunteer and walk her, but my work hours conflicted, and I was not a good fit for the situation.

One of the volunteers with IPR then said, “I am just throwing it out there, but how about if you foster her? You are a perfect fit with no dogs in the home.” I thought long and hard about this and had many a discussion with my partner, Mark, about this. We made the decision to foster her until they could find placement. We took her in, and on the first night we had her, she curled up in between the crooks of my knees on the couch and slept for hours. I did not want to move and disrupt her. She was so at peace. She finally felt so safe. I cry still when I think about it. What a relief she must have finally felt.

She crawled into bed with us that night. She snored so loud that night, it kept Mark and I awake. But we did not dare wake her. It felt so good so see her in such a deep rest. She had probably never had a night’s sleep that deep before. Months passed and we realized something – we were never going to part with her. We didn’t want to. Mark and I fell so head over heels in love with her. We called the rescue to make the adoption official. The rescue informed me that everyone was sobbing – tears of joy!

Sachi has now been a part of our family for six months, and we are so enamored with that little gal. Her perspective on life is so refreshing. She is so positive, so happy, and I really admire her. I was on a long walk with Sachi the other night and looked at her and thought to myself, this dog has been through more heartache and disappointment in eight years than many of us have seen in our lives, yet she holds no animosity towards anyone or anything.

She is so amazing, and I find myself staring at her in admiration all the time. This poor girl has been to hell and back, and yet she still has the ability to love and trust. Sachi is our best friend. Never in a lifetime did I think I could love another dog the way I loved Jezebel. Now I know it is possible. I see bumper stickers all the time that say, “Who Rescued Who?” and now I fully understand that saying. Sachi rescued me from my sadness and brought so much joy back into our lives – a little 9-year-old toothless, scarred pit bull is now the love of my life.

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23 Responses to “The Love of My Life”
  1. These are the tears I like shed..HAPPY tears!

  2. jennmartinelli says:

    Ah, what a great story! I miss my dog I lost in 2009 so much and I think it might take having another for me to feel OK again too. I should take inspiration from this story! Thank you for rescuing Sachi!

    • StubbyDog says:

      jennmartinelli Yes Jenn, please take inspiration from this story, Jill is so happy with Sachi and Sachi has such an amazing life now. They both have so much love to give!!! 

  3. NikkiKeating says:

    What a beautiful story- and thank you for taking such good care of this baby.

  4. blazer says:

    Awwww!  yay Sachi!

  5. chirsch4 says:

    So wonderful – I am crying happy tears for you and your little family.

  6. Matt.S says:

    You & Sachi are clearly meant to be together. It may have taken nine years, but it sounds to me like, for both of you, it was worth the wait!

  7. What a beautiful story. Thank you for bringing Sachi into your life…she has clearly found her forever home.

  8. Peteyoreo says:

    This is such an awesome story. IPR could have never dreamed of a better home for Sachi:) We love our Sachi girl. Janey

  9. JillianChristine says:

    I love the pictures of her in the pool! She’s one lucky lady!

  10. JanetHill says:

    What a wonderful story. I am so happy you found love again and was able to give Sachi the home and love she deserves.

    • StubbyDog says:

      JanetHill Isn’t this just the greatest love story? We are so happy for Jill and Sachi!

  11. ReneeMKeller says:

    Beautiful story and family!!!  Thank you for giving Sachi a wonderful forever home!!!  Im crying tears of joy, as usual, thanks Stubby Dog!!!!  

  12. jabby19 says:

    Lovely story, I cried, but I am so glad Sachi (I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Sacha) has found such a wonderful home. Thank you. 

  13. exoraluna says:

    How cute! I love your story and tnx for taking in this beautiful dog!

  14. Peteyoreo says:

    I have read this story many times and every time I do I cry happy tears for Sachi. Thank you Jil and Mark 🙂