Tank and Diva

July 26, 2012  

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Tank & Diva’s back-story as provided by the grandma…

I am the proud grandmother of two beautiful, loving, fawn colored American Staffordshire Terriers named Desert Storm and Desert Rose, aka Tank and Diva who have been orphaned at the sudden death of their master on Mother’s Day this year when he passed away in his sleep at age 30 of a pulmonary clot. They are litter mates and were born in December 2005. They came into my life when my son, Nicholas, bought Tank first and a week later was given Diva by a friend whose older dog would not accept a puppy. They have not been separated since and are each other’s best company and comfort. They lived alone with my son until he met a lady with three children and married her and all of a sudden they became a family of seven.

Eleven months later a baby was born from the union and the two dogs accepted the baby like they had accepted the first three children with patience, joy and tolerance. They were neither protective of the children nor were they fearful of them; they just accepted and loved them like they love all people.

Diva is the one who wants to please people at all cost. She is the alert one, the instigator and is always backed up by her brother. She intensely wants to do the right thing and be loved, but she is also the one who can get disciplinary with other dogs when the playing gets too rough. Tank is more laid back, less interested in activity, and is comfortable with all animals and people. Because of Diva’s occasional outbursts playing with other dogs, they have not been housed with other dogs. They are truly each other’s best friend. When they play, the sounds can be frightening, but they have NEVER fought.

When my son and his wife divorced, a new lady came to live with them and she brought a cat into the mix. The introductions were made carefully, but after a month all three slept on the bed together in harmony. My two legged granddaughter was a frequent visitor and she learned to crawl all over them, push them away from her plate of food, order them about, without ever any show of irritation on their part. At most, if fearful of something she was doing, they might move away from her. Except for squirrels, neither one has ever shown any aggression toward any living creature.

Nicholas had total voice control over both of them, but did not engage in a lot of training. They know the basic commands of sit and down, and come, but that is about the extent of their training. They are indoor dogs who like nothing better than to lounge on beds and sofas and cuddle with people or each other. They are low maintenance and do not require much exercise.

Health wise, Tank has some skin allergies that occasionally show and are easily controlled with medication although now we are trying a new food to determine if his allergies can be controlled with a different diet. Stay tuned for results. And Diva is in great health but did have her ACL repaired. Keeping her trim is key to maintaining its success.

When sweet Nicholas passed away suddenly of a pulmonary embolism, I could not take them in as I have two dogs already. They are staying with dear friends (an older couple in their 70s) who have taken them in to foster, but cannot adopt them due to their own advanced age and limitations. Their son and 5-year old grandson are their new playmates.

They are current on all shots, are microchipped and are registered with the AKC.

They certainly miss their Daddy, but are ready to open their hearts to anyone showing kindness, love…and food! They need to stay together in a loving home where they can count on love for the rest of their lives.

Tank and Diva are available through the Humane Society of Fairfax County, in Virginia. If you are interest please email Jeanne Taylor at jt2design@aol.com,

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5 Responses to “Tank and Diva”
  1. They’re beautiful, and their pictures are to die for! I hope they find their forever homes. 

  2. ehsutherland says:

    Too much cuteness! Sending lots of love and luck to Virginia; someone will make them a forever home, I just know it!

  3. DianaJones says:

    I am so, so sorry for your loss, it must be devastating. Both pups are beautiful and sound like great dogs you and your son should be proud of, and should stay together. I am praying for a magical family to come adopt these guys and send you lots of updates and maybe even visits!

  4. katielou5000 says:

    We have been living with our new mommy and daddy since late August. We get to sit on the couch, go for runs/walks every morning, and sleep all day long! Everybody tells us how handsome and pretty we are, which we like hearing and we love to give kisses! We have been very good puppies, and we look forward to seeing Grandma soon!
    Tank and Diva (as typed by their new mommy)

    • StubbyDog says:

      We are so happy you are doing well and are happy and loved in your new home!!!! Thanks for the update.