Rocky to the Rescue

July 19, 2012  

When his guardian suffered a concussion, this pit bull made sure she got up and to the hospital

By Mary Caietta-Trentecoste

I have a pit bull named Rocky. I believe my Rocky is a standout canine citizen! I got Rocky when he was only about 4 weeks old, and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I actually found Rocky in a basement when I was going down to do laundry one day. I go downstairs, and there is this cute puppy looking at me, and I automatically felt this bond with Rock that I could never imagine, so I picked him up and said, “Who do you belong to?” and he just looked at me.

I we upstairs and I banged on my neighbor’s door and asked about the dog in the basement. My neighbor tells me, “Oh, I had bought it for my wife, but she no longer wants it.” I responded, “Can I have him since she doesn’t want him?” And he said, “Sure.”

I was so happy that day. At the time that I got Rocky I owned a deli. I took Rocky everywhere I went. At the deli everyone knew him, and I socialized him with everyone. The kids from the neighborhood all would come to visit Rocky after school. He was always gentle and loved to play with all the children.

I no longer have the deli, but when someone sees me they always ask about him. Everyone always told me he isn’t just a regular dog – there’s something special about this dog. Now I would like to share a story about my special dog and why he should be awarded!

On Jan. 15, 2007, I woke up at 2 a.m. to use the bathroom. When I got up to use the bathroom, I got dizzy and fell backwards and banged my head. I was passed out on the floor and lived alone, and up till this day I still don’t remember how long I was on the floor. Rocky witnessed all of this. He started to lick my face until I woke up. Eventually I picked myself up and got to the bedroom. I didn’t realize that I was badly injured. I actually fell asleep.

Rocky must have tried whining or barking to rouse me, but I was unresponsive – that’s when he decided he needed to take further action! This is when he jumped up on my bed and put his nose under my pillow and kept pushing my head up forward until I woke up. My Rocky then decided that he was going to sit on my pillow so I wouldn’t lay my head back on the pillow. I then called the ambulance. I was admitted to the hospital and later diagnosed with a concussion. All the doctors in the hospital could not believe my story. One doctor asked what kind of dog I had, and when I said he is a pit bull, his reply was, “Wow, those dogs have a bad reputation.” I said, “I know, but that is the owner’s fault not the dog.”

My Rocky is my hero. If my Rocky wouldn’t have taken action, I would not be alive today. I went through hell that entire year, but at least I had my dog by my side. Now my dog is 8 years old, and don’t like seeing him get old. He is still very gentle and lovable, and gets along with all my other animals. I have also have a Labrador named Sandy who is 6 years old, as well as a cat named Charlie who is 3 years old. Rocky gets along with everyone in my household. We are all a very happy family. I love my Rocky very much. I know if anything should ever happen to Rocky, I am surely going to have a hard time replacing my longtime friend and family pet.

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8 Responses to “Rocky to the Rescue”
  1. AWESOME story! Thank YOU Rocky for being an exceptional companion & thank you for saving Rocky. Can’t believe your neighbor was so matter of fact that his wife didn’t’ want Rocky and he took him downstairs not caring about his fate.  Oh well it was a blessing!

  2. Amazing story! Rocky was definitely meant to be in your life — and protect it! Thank you for sharing. 

  3. DianaJones says:

    Canines have insight and intelligence far beyond what we know. Rocky was only doing what he learned from you, saving a life like you did with him. You both are so lucky to have found each other. 

  4. Matt.S says:

    What a great example of the human-dog bond trancending the knowable and crossing over into the intuitive! you & Rocky are meant to be.

  5. How wonderful that Mary and Rocky have saved each other!